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attorney title office v-card email phone
Kathleen Reilly Barrow Shareholder Rapid City v-card (605) 791-3602
Kelvin C. Berens Office Managing Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Catherine A. Cano Associate Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Joseph S. Dreesen Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Jessica Feinstein Associate Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Ross Gardner Associate Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Christopher E. Hoyme Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 827-4232
Jessica C. Källström-Schreckengost Associate Omaha v-card (402) 827-4257
Jacqueline F. Langland Associate Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Randal M. Limbeck Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 827-4266
Timothy D. Loudon Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Sarah J. Millsap Associate Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Amy L. Peck Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Tyler Philippi Associate Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991
Chad P. Richter Shareholder Omaha v-card (402) 827-4233
Kenneth M. Wentz III Shareholder - Office Litigation Manager Omaha v-card (402) 391-1991

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  • Adrienne L. Conrad, is a Shareholder in the Jacksonville office of Jackson Lewis P.C. 

  • Sarah R. Skubas, is an Associate in the Hartford, Connecticut office of Jackson Lewis P.C.