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Brian J. Christensen Office Managing Shareholder Kansas City Region v-card (913) 981-1018
Deverie J. Christensen Office Managing Shareholder Las Vegas v-card (702) 921-2466
Michael J. Christian Shareholder Sacramento v-card (916) 288-3006
Holly L. Cini Shareholder Hartford v-card (860) 522-0404
Richard J. Cino Office Managing Shareholder Morristown v-card (973) 451-6324
Robert J. Cino Associate Morristown v-card (973) 538-6890
Vincent A. Cino Chairman Morristown v-card (973) 451-6312
Shawn Matthew Clark Associate Long Island v-card (631) 247-4662
Gregg E. Clifton Office Managing Shareholder Phoenix v-card (602) 714-7044
Thomas M. Closson Shareholder Portsmouth v-card (603) 559-2729
Richard S. Cohen Shareholder Phoenix v-card (602) 714-7044
Sara E. Colón-Acevedo Shareholder San Juan, Puerto Rico v-card (787) 522-7310
John J. Commisso Of Counsel Boston v-card (617) 305-1286
Roberto Concepción, Jr. Associate Long Island v-card (631) 247-4647
Richard L. Connors Shareholder Kansas City Region v-card (913) 981-5757
Adrienne L. Conrad Shareholder Jacksonville v-card (904) 638-2655
Michael R. Cooper Shareholder New York v-card (212) 545-4009
Susan M. Corcoran Shareholder White Plains v-card (914) 872-6871
Tressi L. Cordaro Shareholder Washington, D.C. Region v-card (703) 483-8300
Victor N. Corpuz Shareholder Dallas v-card (214) 520-2400
Jeffrey J. Corradino Shareholder Morristown v-card (973) 451-6311
Jennifer B. Courtian Shareholder New York v-card (212) 545-4022
Craig A. Cowart Shareholder Memphis v-card (901) 462-2618
Mark A. Crabtree Shareholder Portland v-card (503) 229-0404
Alison B. Crane Associate Chicago v-card (312) 787-4949

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  • Adrienne L. Conrad, is a Shareholder in the Jacksonville office of Jackson Lewis P.C. 

  • Sarah R. Skubas, is an Associate in the Hartford, Connecticut office of Jackson Lewis P.C.