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Privacy, e-Communication and Data Security

Accessing, maintaining, safeguarding and exchanging personal, consumer and business information fosters both unlimited possibilities and new risks and vulnerabilities for organizations across the globe.


Jackson Lewis’ interdisciplinary Privacy, e-Communication and Data Security Group, comprised of experienced attorneys many of whom are “Certified Information Privacy Professionals” (CIPP) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, stays on the edge of legal developments affecting our clients’ workplace, business and marketing risks—and opportunities—in the digital age.

We fully appreciate the value and sensitivity of data and we take a holistic, value-add approach in advising clients, regularly coordinating with other subject matter experts, such as information technology vendors, to provide practical advice and preventive strategies that address the range of potential issues relating to privacy, e-communication and data security.

The group has three primary areas of focus. For each, we provide clients with preventive strategies and compliance advice, including policy development and training, and represent them in related administrative enforcement actions and litigation, including class actions.

24/7 Data Incident Response Team

Has an electronic device (laptop, smartphone, thumb drive, etc.) been lost or stolen? Are you locked out of your data because of ransomware? Have company records or data been improperly accessed? Has an employee been a victim of a phishing attack requesting tax records? Are your businesses’ electronic systems corrupted or under attack? Has something like this happened to one of your third-party service providers? Are you uncertain what to do now to respond to a potential data breach?

Our team has experienced, data breach response attorneys available to assist organizations that have encountered a data incident, ransomware attack, or potential data breach.

We are available 24/7 at 844-544-5296 or
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Data Security

Reviewing and developing enterprise-wide strategies for safeguarding data and maintaining compliance, including data breach response.

  • Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Written Information Security Program Development
  • BYOD and Device Management
  • Cybersecurity, Ransomware Breach Preparedness, Response and Litigation
  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Programs for Executives and Employees
  • Vendor Management and Data Security Agreement Drafting and Negotiation
  • Government Contractor Compliance
  • Strategy Development for Going Paperless and Cloud Computing
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Maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of electronic communications (e.g., social media, BYOD, telemarketing) while avoiding legal, contractual and ethical pitfalls.

  • Social Media and Other Online Communications
  • e-Communication Policy and Procedure Development
  • e-Application and Onboarding Program Design and Implementation
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act Compliance and Litigation
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance
  • SEC and FINRA e-Communication Monitoring and Recordkeeping Compliance
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Achieving a balance between an entity’s need for use or disclosure of personal or confidential information with an individual’s or entity’s privacy rights and interests in an era of big data and high-powered analytics.

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Monitoring and Surveillance of Customers, Employees and Others
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance for Providers, Plans and Business Associates
  • International/Cross Border Data Privacy Compliance
  • Records Access Management
  • Leave of Absence Management
  • Background Checks, Workplace Searches and Investigations
  • Strategies for Exchanges of Data in Mergers and Acquisitions
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Apr 5

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Cybersecurity Risk Management for Law Firms - Webinar Series

April 5, 2017 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST
Credits: CLE - Pending*, HRCI - Pending, SHRM - Pending
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Apr 19

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Cybersecurity Risk Management for Law Firms Webinar Series

April 19, 2017 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST
Credits: CLE - Pending*, HRCI - Pending, SHRM - Pending
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Pay Equity is “Comp”licated: New Laws, New Reporting, & How to Protect your Organization

April 27, 2016 - 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
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January 30, 2017

Top 10 for Data Privacy Day 2017

January 30, 2017

In honor of Data Privacy Day, we provide the following “Top 10 for 2017,” a list of critical areas in data privacy that businesses should know about. While not exhaustive, the list points out hot topics on data privacy and security for organizations to consider in 2017. 1. Phishing Attacks and Ransomware Phishing, as... Read More

January 17, 2017

Increasing Ransomware Attacks in Higher Education

January 17, 2017

Malicious “ransomware” attacks — where a hacker takes control of the victim’s information systems and encrypts data, preventing the owner from accessing it until the victim pays a sum of money — are on the rise against colleges and universities. Higher education institutions are well-advised to increase... Read More

January 10, 2017

2017: The Year Ahead for Employers

January 10, 2017

An executive summary of recent changes in workplace law and a look ahead to 2017. Read More

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March 1, 2017
American Bar Association

Ralph Losey Discusses the Evolution of Digital Evidence

March 1, 2017

Ralph Losey discusses how law practice has changed with the explosion of digital evidence, e-discovery and the future of evidence-gathering in "E-discovery: Must-knows, landmines and what the future holds," published by American Bar Association. Subscription may be required to view article Read More

December 14, 2016
Legaltech News

Ralph Losey Discusses "E-Discovery for Everyone"

December 14, 2016

Ralph Losey discusses his new book "E-Discovery for Everyone" in "People in Motion: Jackson Lewis’ Ralph Losey on Bringing E-Discovery to Everyone," published by Legaltech News. Subscription may be required to view article Read More

December 8, 2016
Corporate Counsel

Joseph Lazzarotti Discusses the Importance of Companies Developing a Breach Response Plan

December 8, 2016

Joseph Lazzarotti discusses the importance of companies implementing a post-breach strategy and response plan in "After a Data Breach, Don't Throw Money at Customers. It Can Backfire," published by Corporate Counsel. Subscription may be required to view article Read More

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Companies May Soon Have a New Defense Against Cyber-Attacks
March 21, 2017

The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act is a new bill that is gaining positive bipartisan support and significant interest from business communities, lawmakers and academics. The proposed bill amends the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which does not provide adequate deterrence for criminal hacking. Read More

At Last, the Final DFS Cybersecurity Regulations….
March 20, 2017

We wanted to keep you informed on the progress of the DFS cybersecurity regulations, as they complete their journey through the approval process. DFS has been working on the regulations since its 2013-2014 studies on cybersecurity risks to financial institutions. Read More

Employer Denied Access to Employee GPS Data
March 14, 2017

A federal district court in Indiana recently denied an employer’s motion to compel discovery of employee GPS data in defense of an action brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).   Crabtree v. Angie’s List, Inc. Read More