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Focus On International Employment Issues
December 2012

In today’s business environment, workplace issues are increasingly crossing international borders—whether involving U.S. corporations doing business overseas, or multi-national companies with interests in the United States. The separation between U.S. and international matters has become largely an artificial one, as our clients operate within a global market.  At Jackson Lewis, we understand that to best serve our clients we too need to provide legal advice in a global context. Through our international legal team and our relationships with top labor and employment law practices throughout the world, we offer a consistent, lower cost, flexible approach to your global labor and employment law matters.

Our International Scope

As an AmLaw 100 and Global 100 law firm— and one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States—Jackson Lewis has a well-established reputation for counseling and defending  multinational corporations and emerging businesses on every type of matter relating to workplace law.  Our international group includes attorneys with substantial in-house experience for major global employers managing workplace issues in more than 60 countries.  We understand what adds value for our clients, because we have stood in their shoes. 

Jackson Lewis is also a founding member of L&E Global, the only global alliance comprised of labor and employment law boutiques.  Like Jackson Lewis, each member law firm focuses its practice solely on workplace challenges and issues and each has established a reputation as a “go-to” employment law firm in its country.  In countries where the labor and employment law boutique model is not common, Jackson Lewis and L&E Global have strategic affiliations with general practice firms offering top labor and employment law departments.  Jackson Lewis, as well as L&E Global and our other affiliate partners, are committed to creative and flexible fee structures which provide the service level of a global law firm at significantly lower cost.

For U.S. and Global Corporations Operating Internationally

The Jackson Lewis international team (working with Jackson Lewis attorneys in other practice groups and our international affiliate firms) devises solutions for our clients in the full range of global matters, including:

  • Global restructurings, plant closings and collective redundancies;
  • Drafting and global implementation of employee codes of conduct, policies and work rules;
  • Global labor relations and works council (including European Works Council) matters;
  • Implementation of data protection policies and practices;
  • Expatriate and other global mobility issues, including corporate compliance immigration requirements;
  • Obtaining employment-based temporary work visas and permanent resident status;
  • Advising on cross-border or international executive separations;
  • Cross-border litigation and arbitration;
  • Global compensation and benefit matters;
  • Advising on labor/employment issues associated with global M&A or other transactions, such as transfer of undertaking; and
  • Conducting or managing internal compliance investigations.

For Multi-National Companies with U.S. Interests

Multi-national entities operating in the United States face a challenging array of laws and regulations governing the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers.  With more than 700 attorneys and offices in every major U.S. city, Jackson Lewis is well positioned to work with clients on these issues, among others:

  • Ensuring U.S. operations comply with federal, state and local employment  laws;
  • Securing the visas and employment authorizations needed to transfer foreign nationals to the U.S.;
  • Employing U.S. citizens abroad; and
  • Due diligence on the employment implications of mergers, acquisitions, closings and other business transactions.

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