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Jackson Lewis provides management education for high profile corporations from every industry. For the past 30 years, our nationally known legal seminar series entitled “How to Stay Union Free” has consistently been rated one of the most successful programs of its kind ever presented. This day and one-half intense, interactive seminar is designed to teach and advise executives and managers how they may develop and implement a legally effective issue avoidance strategy.

At Jackson Lewis, we believe the best way to educate and advise managers is through interactive training. During our training sessions, we “role-play” and use other techniques to draw participants into the presentation and educate them concerning what they may legally say to their employees. In addition to our How to Stay Union Free program, Jackson Lewis offers interactive executive, management and supervisory training and legal advice on the NLRA Notice Posting requirements, new and existing laws affecting the workplace; positive employee relations; collective bargaining agreement administration; union organizing campaign management; and many other topics.