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Game, Set, Match!

Thank you to all of our clients and friends who helped make our Corporate Counsel Conference 2019 a tremendous success. We were happy to welcome almost 200 guests from more than 20 industries and 25 states to this year’s conference. Our program combined core labor and employment-related content with interactive panels, in-depth workshops and restorative sessions, all built around this year’s theme of focus, agility and perseverance — attributes elite athletes need to succeed — and how we can apply these qualities to our professional selves.

We are confident our attendees left with strategies to help them do their jobs better and implement programs that ensure legislative compliance. Just as importantly, we hope participants left knowing about our passion for workplace law and our commitment to client service and challenging the status quo.

Conference Highlights


Powerful and relevant messages were discussed and delivered by presenters, conference attendees and our keynote speakers.


Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad, world record-smashing performance athlete, delivered a powerful keynote address. At the age of 64, in her fifth and final attempt, Diana successfully fulfilled her lifelong dream of completing the 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida. She shared her inspirational story and insights into developing and sustaining high performance on an individual and organizational level, inspiring us to “live our lives” and never stop focusing on our dreams. 

Simon Bailey

Simon T. Bailey, who has dedicated his life to teaching people how to be fearless and design their own futures, challenged us to release our inner brilliance and become a Chief Breakthrough Officer — both personally and professionally. He told us to ask ourselves: “What would I do if I knew I wouldn’t fail?” Simon reminded attendees that employees don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. 

CCC On Demand


Throughout the year, and as important legal developments emerge, Jackson Lewis attorneys provide information and critical analysis to assist employers faced with new laws and workplace challenges. These updates take the form of blogs, articles, webinars and events. We understand that daily deadlines and time constraints often limit your ability to get critical information you need to do your job. To help, we have created CCC On Demand, which provides an opportunity to view or listen to several of our CCC 2019 sessions anywhere, anytime. Click on the Access CCC On Demand button to request access.     


In or Out of Bounds? HR as the Line Judge on Employees’ Private Expression vs. Corporate Responsibility

Related area of law: General Employment Litigation
Available resources: Video

As Americans increasingly engage in vocal and emotionally charged discourse about social issues in a wired and connected world, companies must make difficult decisions on how to support an employee’s freedom of expression and privacy while mitigating legal and business risk. Hear how a panel of professionals in the field have responded to a range of challenging social issues including the #MeToo movement, pay equality, NFL players’ protests and high-profile public demonstrations such as March for Our Lives.

Building Your Dream Team: Strengthen Your Company’s Future Through Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Related areas of law: Corporate Diversity Counseling​; General Employment Litigation
Available resources: Video, Whitepaper

By 2055, the U.S. will not have a single racial or ethnic majority. This statistic and other demographic changes are impacting every aspect of our society, from politics to economics to the workplace. A diverse and inclusive workforce that is reflective and understanding of the customers it serves is essential to the future success of your organization. But, talk is not enough. Our panelists share their experiences, including insight into challenges they have overcome and the real-life benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The Nine Innings of Employment Law

Related areas of law: Collegiate and Professional Sports; Disability, Leave and Health Management; Employee Benefits; General Employment Litigation; Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity; Wage and Hour
Available resources: Video

Listen to 10-minute rapid fire sessions on the changes in Title IX, the opioid crisis, navigating Puerto Rico employment law, international privacy issues, ADA website issues, employer-sponsored benefits, healthcare and regular rate of pay.

The Class Action Plaintiff’s Bar is on the Offensive: What’s Your Game Day Strategy?

Related area of law: Class Actions and Complex Litigation
Available resources: Video

Companies continue to get hit with multimillion-dollar class actions under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Are you calculating employee annual and quarterly bonuses in the regular rate of pay when you calculate overtime? Are you advertising positions on social media? Do you know whether you are asking your advertisers to target specific groups of people, and excluding others from seeing the same opportunities? Have you dusted off your disclosure form before obtaining a background check? This session explores the new class actions being brought around the country by experienced and sophisticated plaintiff’s counsel.

Get the Ball Rolling: Understanding How to Defend and Discuss Your Pay Practices

Related areas of law: Class Actions and Complex Litigation; General Employment Litigation; Pay Equity; Wage and Hour
Available resources: Video, Whitepaper

Everyone is talking about pay and they are doing it publicly. From the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team to Marc Benioff, and employees of high profile companies in between, people are concerned about pay. The states, shareholders and class-action attorneys are taking action. Against this rapidly developing, highly publicized and emotionally charged backdrop, the paramount question is whether your company’s pay practices will withstand scrutiny. A close second is the question of whether you should add your company to the public discussion. This session explores potential explanations for, and the defensibility of, your pay decisions as well as the pros and cons of going public.

Coaching Soccer When All You Know is Football: Managing Global Labor and Employment Issues From the U.S.

Related area of law: International Employment Issues
Available resources: Podcast

The good news is that your responsibility has expanded from the U.S. to the entire globe; the bad news is you have no additional resources and no additional compensation. How do you ascertain best practices in handling global matters including implementing codes of conduct, establishing company-wide discrimination/harassment policies, developing a consistent restrictive covenant strategy, and carrying out cross-border investigations? Are there specific in-country, local issues impacting your decision making that you need to understand? What should be the respective roles of the law department, HR and compliance? How do you know when to seek assistance from outside your organization?

Managing Your Injured Reserve List: Trends in Designing Paid Leave and PTO Programs

Related area of law: Disability, Leave and Health Management
Available resources: Podcast

Although companies increasingly are seeking to design benefits that promote more flexible work arrangements, designing a consistent approach to paid time off and leave programs has never been more daunting. In this session, presenters unpacked the imposing array of federal, state and local laws that must be considered when designing a lawful and effective paid time off and leave program. Topics covered include state and local leave and wage payment law considerations; the FMLA and ADA nuances; hidden traps in unlimited PTO programs; global policy considerations and leveraging technology to track compliance obligations.

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