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Sick Leave for All New Mexico Employees Begins July 1: What Employers Should Know

The New Mexico Healthy Workplaces Act (“NMHWA”) requires all private employers in New Mexico to provide all employees one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. Employees may use up to 64 hours of earned sick leave per the employer’s defined 12-month period. Employees will be able to use earned sick leave... Continue Reading
June 24, 2022

U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Roe and Casey: What This Decision Means for Employers

As many expected based on the draft opinion that was leaked months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court has held the U.S. Constitution does not protect the right to obtain an abortion. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, No. 19-1392 (June 24, 2022). Read more here. Continue Reading
June 24, 2022

Amendments to Puerto Rico 2017 Employment Law Reform Employers Need to Know

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi has signed into law changes reversing portions of the 2017 employment reform law. House Bill 1244 (HB 1244) rolls back and changes the statutory probationary period, vacation and sick leave accrual, and eligibility for the annual Christmas Bonus, among other requirements. The changes go into effect for most employers on July... Continue Reading
June 22, 2022

Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations in Final Review; Notices Required as of July 1

Over six months after the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act (Connecticut FMLA) took effect, proposed regulations are slated for consideration and approval by the Connecticut Legislative Regulation Review Committee (LRRC). With the exception of nonpublic elementary or secondary schools, all private employers with at least one employee in Connecticut are covered by the Connecticut FMLA... Continue Reading
June 21, 2022

Illinois Expands Unpaid Child Bereavement Leave to Cover Additional Family Members, Losses

Illinois has enacted amendments to the Child Bereavement Leave Act, expanding the law’s scope and renaming it the “Family Bereavement Leave Act” (FBLA). The amendments are effective January 1, 2023, and the two major purposes are to: (1) expand the definition of family members covered by FBLA; and (2) include fertility-related losses in the acceptable reasons an... Continue Reading
June 13, 2022

New Guidance Issued by Department of Labor Regarding Mental Health and the FMLA

On May 25, 2022, during Mental Health Awareness Month, the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the Department of Labor, the agency responsible for enforcing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), issued Fact Sheet # 28O and related Frequently Asked Questions, which discuss mental health and leaves of absence under the FMLA.  The publications... Continue Reading
June 3, 2022

Amendment to Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave Act’s Waiting Period Benefits Employees

The Washington Employment Security Department has amended the “waiting period” regulation, WAC 192-500-185, for certain employees who successfully apply to the state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) Program. Under Washington’s PFML, the “waiting period” falls during the first seven consecutive calendar days beginning with the Sunday of the first week that an eligible employee... Continue Reading
June 1, 2022

Rhode Island Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Protects Off-Duty Use

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee signed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana in the state on May 25, 2022.  The new law took effect immediately.  Adults age 21 and older now can possess up to an ounce of cannabis, may grow cannabis within their primary residence (up to certain limits) and possess up to 10 ounces...
May 26, 2022

EEOC, DOJ Release Expectations on Employers’ Use of Technology, AI for Employment Decisions

For decades, employers have used technology to help decision-making, from hiring to performance bonuses. While seemingly taking human biases out of the equation, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have voiced concerns over potential disability discrimination from the use of technology. Find out more here. Continue Reading
May 19, 2022

Drug Overdoses in 2021 at Highest Level on Record According to CDC, Driven By Opioids

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published data on May 11, 2022 concluding that drug overdoses in 2021 reached the highest levels on record.  CDC stated that an estimated 107,622 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in 2021, largely driven by opioids.  This figure is a 15% increase over the number...
May 11, 2022