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Trump Administration Abruptly Rescinds Controversial Rule on Foreign Students

In a surprise announcement, District Judge Allison D. Burroughs, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, announced a reversal of the government decision that was announced just last week regarding students in F-1 or M-1 nonimmigrant status. Foreign students will now be able to enter the United States and remain even if they are... Continue Reading…
July 14, 2020

Sacramento Employers Must Comply With New Worker Protection Ordinance Starting July 15th

Sacramento has passed the Sacramento Worker Protection, Health and Safety Act (Ordinance No. 2020-00260) which is effective as of July 15, 2020. The ordinance requires all employers operating in the City of Sacramento to comply with certain specified safety practices and protocols, many of which are recommended by the California Department of Public Health and... Continue Reading…
July 14, 2020

NCAA Division III Approves Blanket Student-Athlete COVID-19 Waivers for 2020-21 Seasons

A week after the NCAA Division III Membership Committee encouraged institutions to make the best decisions for their student-athletes’ “happiness, health and safety,” the Division’s Administrative Committee has provided some administrative relief for institutions should the ongoing impact of  COVID-19 affect 2020-21 seasons of athletic competition. Two blanket waivers have been approved for all Division... Continue Reading…
July 13, 2020

Operating Your Business in San Francisco During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While many counties around California moved into accelerated reopening, San Francisco County set its own pace. Though San Francisco has paused some reopening for now, as COVID-19 infection rates change, additional businesses will eventually be permitted to reopen. San Francisco created detailed requirements for businesses, whether essential or otherwise, to follow during the pandemic. All... Continue Reading…
July 13, 2020

Printing Debacle at USCIS: Employees, Employers Harmed by Government Failure to Print Documents

Foreign nationals with approved permanent residence applications but no actual permanent resident card (known as Green Cards) are not the only ones dealing with the printing back-up at USCIS. After deciding to bring the printing of Green Cards and all other employment authorization documents in-house, USCIS is not able to keep up with the demand.... Continue Reading…
July 13, 2020

Statewide Closures and More Counties Added to State Monitoring List

On July 13, 2020, the State of California announced that, due to the surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, the following industries must close indoor operations on a statewide basis: Restaurants Wineries and tasting rooms Movie theaters Family entertainment centers Zoos and museums Cardrooms Bars, breweries, and pubs are required to close all operations (indoor... Continue Reading…
July 13, 2020

New TSA Protocols Seek to Ensure Health and Safety

Under the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new “Stay Healthy. Stay Secure.” Campaign, screening procedures are being changed to allow for more social distancing and to limit physical contact while still maintaining needed security procedures during the summer travel season. In mid-April, due to COVID-19, TSA recorded its lowest travel volume ever: approximately 87,500 travelers per... Continue Reading…
July 12, 2020

Foreign Nationals Reach End of Permanent Residency Process, but See Green Card Processing Delays

The reported failure of USCIS to renew its contract with an outside vendor in June, because it planned to bring all printing of Green Cards in-house, may be the reason foreign nationals who have managed to make it through the arduous permanent residency process are not receiving their “Green Cards.” USCIS has wide-ranging budget issues... Continue Reading…
July 11, 2020

What Businesses Can Do to Prepare for Further Closure Orders

Many businesses are beginning their re-opening phases, while others are being forced to close again due to COVID-19 fluctuations.  In such uncertain circumstances, many employers are struggling to find a balance between the safe and efficient operation of their businesses, and preparation for potential closure orders and/or business restrictions. Due to the uncertainty of the... Continue Reading…
July 10, 2020

Ivy League Reinforces Its Commitment to Student-Athlete Safety With Cancellation of Fall Sports Amid COVID-19 Spikes

Once again, the Ivy League has sent a loud and clear message regarding COVID-19 to the college community. The Ivy League presidents have cancelled all intercollegiate sports until at least January, becoming the first Division I conference to officially suspend its fall semester football schedule in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The league has... Continue Reading…
July 8, 2020