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Tenth Circuit Affirms Damages Based on Revenue Credit, and Makes Clear That Arms-Length Service Agreements Without Evidence of A Prior Relationship Are Not Prohibited Transactions

On appeal following a bench trial of claims brought by a class of participants and beneficiaries of a 401(k) plan, the Tenth Circuit affirmed the decision of the District of Colorado calculating damages and prejudgment interest, denying injunctive relief, and finding the employer did not engage in a “prohibited transaction” under ERISA Section 406, 29... Continue Reading
June 21, 2021

Indiana Enacts Pregnancy Accommodations Law, Effective in July 2021

A new Indiana statute sets out the process for pregnant workers to seek a reasonable accommodation from their employers. The new law applies to employers with at least 15 employees. It goes into effect on July 1, 2021. Read more here. Continue Reading
April 23, 2021

Vaccinated Grandparents Can Visit Indoors with Grandchildren, but what Do the New CDC Guidelines Mean at Work?

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its first set of recommendations for fully vaccinated people. Significantly, the recommendations are interim only, and will continue to be updated and expanded by the CDC based on the level of community spread, proportion of the U.S. population fully vaccinated, and emerging scientific understanding... Continue Reading
March 12, 2021

Healthcare Employers’ Title VII Obligations in Harassment, Discrimination of Employees by Patients

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act requires healthcare employers to protect their medical staff and employees from harassment and discrimination and respond to any such behaviors swiftly and effectively, even if the actor is a patient, rather than a coworker or supervisor. A decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit...… Continue Reading
November 13, 2019

Federal Judge Finds J.B. Hunt Compensation System Too Varied To Sustain Class Certification

J.B. Hunt Transport Inc., one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America, recently prevailed on a motion to decertify a class of around 11,000 current and former truck drivers, just six weeks before trial.  The drivers alleged claims under California law for failure to pay the minimum hourly wage, unpaid wages at the agreed...… Continue Reading
August 17, 2018