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  • Expanded Protections For Whistleblowers Require Strong Commitment to Compliance Programs

    With so much happening during the holidays, who wants to think about preventive steps and corporate compliance? Unfortunately, expansion of New York’s “whistleblower protection” laws coupled with the ongoing pandemic-related return to work issues make it increasingly critical for employers to ring in the New Year with an understanding of these new developments. High on... Continue Reading
    December 16, 2021
  • New York Enacts Legislation Related to Board Diversity

    New York recently enacted the “Women on Corporate Boards Study” law (S. 4278), joining a growing number of states requiring organizations to report their board composition. The new law applies to domestic and foreign corporations “authorized to do business” in the state. Given the expanse of companies doing business in New York, this law may...… Continue Reading
    January 17, 2020
  • Seeking Unity, Not Uniformity*: Diversity and the Corporate Board of Directors

    New board of directors appointments such as Indra Nooyi joining Amazon, Nikki Haley nominated by Boeing, and Michelle J. Howard as IBM’s latest director illustrate the accelerating trend of gender and minority diversity on corporate boards – an apt topic for Women’s History Month. And there are plentiful reasons for promoting board diversity. Sometimes board...… Continue Reading
    March 6, 2019