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  • How Little May an Employee Allege for Retaliation Protection?

    The question of when a worker has raised concerns about discrimination sufficient to gain retaliation protection has not been answered consistently and clearly by courts. A case in Texas may provide clarification. The Texas Supreme Court, in Apache Corp. v. Davis, has been asked to evaluate a lower court ruling on the subject.  The lower court...… Continue Reading
    March 29, 2021
  • Federal Court: Sweeping Accusations Alone Do Not Meet The Standard For Age Discrimination and Retaliation

    As the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s  FY 2019 report reflects 21.4% of all employment charges handled in 2019 were for age discrimination; 41.4% of all charges allege retaliation. Recently, seven former directors of a grocery store chain filed suit alleging age discrimination and retaliation arising from alleged transfer to failing stores and denial of the...… Continue Reading
    March 16, 2020