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  • California Passes New Requirements for Call Center Employers

    On September 29, 2022, California passed Assembly Bill (AB) 1601, which requires an employer of customer service employees in a call center to comply with the California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (Cal/WARN) requirements prior to a mass layoff, relocation, or termination of employees. Under this bill, a call center employer is prohibited from ordering... Continue Reading
    September 30, 2022
  • Getting Local: Oakland Local Ordinances

    Employers in California are faced with a myriad of complex federal and state laws.  It does not stop there.  An employer with employees working in the City of Oakland may also need to comply with local ordinances. The following is an overview of employment regulations in Oakland. Minimum Wage Like several other cities in California,... Continue Reading
    August 31, 2022