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California Issues More Expansive Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

In early August, California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a mandate for health care workers to be vaccinated by September 30, 2021. Local government agencies within California, like the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, passed similar orders that expanded the CDPH mandate to, for example, non-medical in-home healthcare workers. Then, on... Continue Reading
October 6, 2021

West Hollywood Passes Ordinance Expanding Hotel Worker Protection

Last week, the City of West Hollywood approved an expansive hotel worker protection ordinance. The ordinance seeks to protect the safety and security of hotel workers and improve their working conditions. The following is a summary of the ordinance’s five key elements. Personal Security Devices Similar to an ordinance passed in 2020 by Sacramento, West... Continue Reading
August 11, 2021