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  • Whistleblower Rights in Today’s Evolving Federal Statutory Landscape

    All viable whistleblower cases arise from allegations of wrongdoing serious enough to run afoul of some statute or rule. Common issues in every whistleblowing case include: Who is subject to protection against retaliation as a whistleblower? What types of conduct or speech are entitled to protection as whistleblowing? What must a whistleblower do by way...… Continue Reading
    February 14, 2020
  • Four Ways of Avoiding Liability on Common Wage and Hour Compliance Issues

    Wage and hour lawsuits are big news these days. Jury verdicts and settlements capture headlines warning of damages and fees totaling seven or more figures, and class certifications in pending cases exponentially expand the risk posed by a single miscalculation or mistaken designation. How can employers best reduce the risk of becoming the next cautionary...… Continue Reading
    December 23, 2019
  • Using Electronically Stored Information in Employment Trials

              In employment litigation, evidence now admitted during most trials routinely includes electronically stored information (ESI), including email communications and documents the receipt of which is often acknowledged with a mouse click. Trial counsel must know how to authenticate such ESI to ensure the court will allow it into evidence. Counsel also should be aware of … Continue Reading
    March 13, 2017