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Trucking Company to Pay $300,000 to Settle EEOC ADA Accommodation Suit

A recently settled lawsuit brought by the EEOC against an Arizona trucking company highlights the importance for companies to always consider unpaid leave as a reasonable accommodation and to ensure their managers and supervisors are trained on all federal, state and local discrimination laws. In September 2013, the EEOC sued Chemical Transportation, Inc., alleging that … Continue Reading
October 11, 2015

New Jersey Lobbying Efforts Focused on Paid Sick Leave

In 2014, the introduction and passage of paid sick leave laws was one of the most popular issues among state and local legislatures around the United States.  There has been significant debate among employee and employer-interest groups regarding the efficacy of these laws.  It appears, based upon a report from the state Election Law Enforcement … Continue reading New Jersey Lobbying Efforts Focused on Paid Sick Leave
June 7, 2015