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CCC2020 On Demand

CCC2020 On Demand

CCC2020 Virtual Replay 


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When we hosted CCC2020 in early March and came together with our clients, friends and colleagues, the world was a different place. COVID-19 has since transformed our organizations, nation and world. Last year, as we were planning for CCC2020, we could not have anticipated how prescient our theme of “Perspectives: Emerging Dimensions of Workplace Law” would become.

Now, as we continue to support you in all aspects of building a better workforce for your organization, a new perspective is called for—being open to new ways to work and conduct business. As your partner, our goal is working together with you to reimagine the workplace along with the future of the employer-employee relationship. Read more here: Reimagine the Workplace

At CCC2020, we encouraged our guests and ourselves to challenge perceptions, to see with empathy, allowing us all to view the workplace through lenses as complex as the people they employ. We enforced that message by delivering keynote addresses that were part performance, part storytelling, but at their heart, a verbal and visual interpretation of the intensely dynamic nature of workplace law. We departed Los Angeles with those skills about to be put to the test in likely the greatest challenge of our careers.

As business professionals focused on the workplace, we have always valued our unique vantage point into the human condition. The settings in which we work may have changed, but what will never change is our commitment to provide you with the information you need to support your own organizations and place of business. Therefore, even though CCC2020 may seem like a distant memory, we still want to ensure that you and members of your organizations and businesses have access to the content and programs presented in Los Angeles. 

CCC On Demand

Throughout the year, Jackson Lewis attorneys provide information and critical analysis to assist companies affected by emerging trends, new laws and regulations. These updates take the form of blogs, articles, webinars and events. The content delivered at our annual Corporate Counsel Conference is no exception. CCC On Demand provides the opportunity to view several of our premier sessions from CCC2020. Although the type of information most critical to employers currently has changed since early March, the information presented at CCC2020 remains up-to-date and covers legal issues and concerns that continue to be relevant during the COVID-19 crisis and after the peak. We extend an invitation to view the following sessions presented at CCC2020.

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Rapid Fire Sessions

Listen to quick, 15-minute rapid fire sessions on: Does It Pay to Analyze Pay? The What and Why of Conducting a Pay Equity Audit Avoiding E-Discovery Sanctions: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You ● Who Let the Dogs Out? Unleashing Creativity to Handle Today’s Accommodation Challenges ● Foresight Is Better Than Hindsight: Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Picking a Jury ● Arbitration Trends: What Is In? What Is Out? In 2020, What Still Matters? ● No Room for a Different View: Preventing and Responding to Serious Workplace Threats ● Managing Restructurings and Reductions in Force Around the Globe: Seeing the Bigger Picture Beyond the United States.

Class Actions in the Golden State — What’s Trending in California and Across the Country

Related area of law: Class Actions and Complex Litigation​​

California laws and regulations create challenges for organizations in and out of the state — as often the legal sun rises in the west. Legislation such as the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) removes barriers to bringing forth legal action and has given way to a proliferation of litigation. This session outlines new class and PAGA litigation trends, as well as pending legislation that affects employers across a broader geographic scope.

Avoiding the Next Wave of ERISA Class Action Litigation

Related areas of law: Employee Benefits; Class Action and Complex Litigation

A committed and unrelenting group of class action plaintiffs’ lawyers often drives nearly all the cutting-edge ERISA class-action litigation around the country. Studying corporate regulatory filings, industry developments and social trends, this group works methodically to create the next wave of ERISA litigation. This session addresses current and evolving trends in ERISA litigation and important considerations for plan design and plan-governance procedures, with an eye toward reducing exposures to fiduciary or other ERISA claims.

Using Data Science to Develop Best Practices for Managing the Workplace and Defining Claims

Related areas of law: Litigation; Data Analytics

With the proliferation of powerful HRIS and other recordkeeping systems, modern employers possess a lot of data. When leveraged properly, that data can offer incredible insights for managing the workplace, as well as defending claims. From predicting attrition and setting pay to conducting more effective investigations and constructing litigation strategy, employers’ data use practices must continually evolve to avoid workplace surprises.

Marijuana Trends Towards the Mainstream—Make Sure You Have a Game Plan to Respond

Related areas of law: Litigation; Drug Testing and Substance Abuse Management; Workplace Safety and Health; Disability, Leave and Health Management

Laws permitting the use of marijuana and CBD products for both medical and recreational purposes — that only a short time ago were presumed dead on arrival in legislative committee — are being passed by state and local governments at a surprisingly fast pace. Several court decisions have rejected employers’ arguments that marijuana cannot be tolerated because it is illegal under federal law. These decisions are creating serious concerns as employers still utilize drug testing to ensure workplace safety while at the same time try to avoid disability discrimination claims from applicants and employees who use marijuana for medical reasons. This session provides strategies on how to negotiate these seemingly contradictory issues, gives insight into why the courts are now ruling in favor of marijuana users and discusses policies that will weed out the drug users while accommodating the disabled.

Judgment Call – ADA Interactive Process Before Disciplinary Action for Performance?

Related area of law: Disability, Leave and Health Management

Employers often face situations where employee performance issues are caused directly by a medical condition. But, what if the employee never sought an accommodation under the ADA? Does the employer have to engage in an interactive dialogue to explore accommodations before dealing with the performance issue? In the post ADAAA world, there is no black or white answer. When dealing with underperforming employees, employers must consider many medical conditions as potentially ADA qualifying and subject to accommodation while simultaneously minimizing the risk of a “regarded as disabled” claim.

How to Move Diversity and Inclusion from the Sidelines to Front and Center and Achieve Tangible Results

Related area of law: Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, diversity and inclusion is no longer an emerging buzzword. Actualizing diversity and inclusion is an integral part of how businesses run their organizations globally. However, the best intentions now often run into legal constraints governing the workplace, requiring employers to push the envelope at times to achieve greater engagement and accomplish established goals. This session addresses how to develop pronounced leaders, identify and remove unconscious bias barriers and implement systemic changes within the workplace to achieve these goals. It also addresses how to assess the maturity of these initiatives and how to promote a culture of inclusion and belonging.

California Under the Looking Glass: Pressing Issues Facing Employers

Related areas of law: California Practice; Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity; Wage and Hour; Disability, Leave and Health Management

California has long been recognized as a leader in the charge toward employee friendly legislation and regulations. Precedent continues to be set here causing Californian employers to face a barrage of new and unforeseen challenges exposing them to risk and potential litigation. During this program, attendees immersed themselves in three of the most pressing issues changing the face of labor and employment law:

Part 1: The CCPA—What You Need to Know as Well as Best Practices and Compliance Strategies

Part 2: The FLSA Sets the Floor, but California is the Rising Ceiling

Part 3: California’s Tricky and Expansive Leave Laws