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Best Practices for Protecting Trade Secrets When Employees Exit

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September 15, 2015
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Registration Fee: Complimentary

With the economy improving, more employees are changing jobs. Business information and good will often are a company’s most significant assets, but—unlike equipment and physical assets—employees and others can easily move this information and take client relationships with them to competitors. As a result, when employees leave, a company must be prepared to act; to do so effectively, it must plan ahead. This webinar will discuss best practices for addressing employee departures, including:

  • Should you ask the employee where he or she is going to work?
  • What will his or her job duties be?
  • Should you send a letter to the employee or his or her new employer and, if so, what should it say?
  • What should you do with the employee’s computer and email account?