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Chicago Labor & Employment Law Symposium

Past Details

October 26, 2016
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
University Club of Chicago
76 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603



Recent developments in the law will have a profound and lasting impact on the workplace. Join us as we welcome corporate decision makers, in-house counsel, business owners, human resources professionals, and others to attend, learn, and discuss issues challenging today’s employers.

What You’ll Learn

General Session

Leave Law Updates: Do New Mandates Change the Landscape?
The State of Illinois and the City of Chicago have recently joined a growing number of states and municipalities which have begun to require increased protections for sick and injured workers, or workers who need time off from work to care for their sick or injured family members. This keynote session will inform Illinois employers about new state and local leave mandates, including the Illinois Employee Sick Leave Act, the Chicago Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, and the Illinois Child Bereavement Leave Act, and provide practical advice regarding the implementation of policies to address the requirements of the new leave mandates. This session will also update employers about recent EEOC guidance on leave as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA, as well as the legal rights of pregnant workers, in order to help employers avoid finding themselves (and their leave management practices) under scrutiny by the EEOC.

Breakout Sessions

Accommodation Challenges: A Practical Guide
What is a “reasonable” accommodation? Where can I draw the line and what is the risk when I do? Employers grapple with these questions constantly, but unfortunately, the laws are ever-evolving and the answer is often complex and very fact-sensitive. This session will give a brief overview of where the law stands with respect to employee medical accommodations, and how employers can minimize risk during the process. We will use some case studies to discuss challenging accommodation requests and review the “interactive process” in a way that promises to be both interactive and entertaining!

Illinois Adds Statutory Limitations to Non-Compete Agreements
The Illinois Legislature recently passed the Freedom to Work Act which, effective January 1, 2017, will prohibit private sector employers from entering into non-compete restrictions with “low-wage employees” and will render any such non-compete restrictions “illegal and void.” This session will analyze the scope of the Freedom to Work Act’s prohibition on non-compete restrictions with low-wage employees and how Illinois employers can protect their confidential information and customer relationships from unfair competition from such employees.

Is Your Company Prepared to Successfully Defend A Wage-Hour Audit?
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) reports that 78% of businesses are out of compliance with wage and hour laws.  In light of the DOL’s regulatory changes and increased enforcement efforts, employers face significant potential exposure. Comprehensive reviews and effective corrective measures are essential to avoid costly wage and hour violations. This session will review the areas frequently targeted in agency audits, emerging trends in wage and hour litigation, and strategies for employers to identify and promptly correct pay and timekeeping errors.

Retaliation Avoidance:  Managing Discrimination Complaints and Investigations to Avoid Liability
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has observed that employees sometimes file charges of discrimination as a means of job protection. The EEOC has issued updated guidance that takes an aggressive view of deference to be given to employees who complain internally about discrimination. This session will explore best practices in dealing appropriately with employees who have complained about discrimination either internally or with the EEOC or the Illinois Department of Human Rights. Legal Ethics credit pending.

What You Need to Know About ERISA Right Now
In this session, you will hear from the Chicago office's two ERISA experts about issues facing plan sponsors. Topics will include the latest intricacies of Affordable Care Act compliance, new rules impacting transgender employees, and how changes to the fiduciary regulations will impact your retirement plan.

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