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Chicago Labor & Employment Law Symposium

Past Details

October 18, 2017
12:30 PM - 6:00 PM CST
Sheraton Grand Chicago
301 E North Water Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Registration Fee: Complimentary



Recent developments in the law will have a profound and lasting impact on the workplace. Join us as we welcome corporate decision makers, in-house counsel, business owners, human resources professionals, and others to attend, learn, and discuss issues challenging today’s employers. Topics include:

Amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act and the Genetic Information Privacy Act, the Freedom to Work Act and more.
This session will include an informative presentation on amendments and new laws, as well as an interactive discussion on how to make sure your organization stays in compliance.

Religious Accommodation
While the ADA has dominated accommodation discussions for many years, religious accommodation requests have returned to the front burner due to high profile rulings and bipartisan political support. This presentation will focus on how religious accommodation obligations differ significantly from ADA accommodations, newly enacted Illinois law, and avoiding pitfalls that might lead to unexpected liability.

Workplace Violence
Are You Ready? Do you have a plan to prevent workplace violence? Do you know your obligations? Do you know the legal considerations you need to take into account in formulating your plan to prevent workplace violence? Do you know what tools are available to  you as an employer to assist your employees with threats of possible violence? Come and learn the answers to these and other questions in a session that will include interactive audience participation dealing with workplace violence scenarios.

Paid Sick Leave Under the Chicago and Cook County Ordinances
The City of Chicago and Cook County Earned Sick Leave Ordinances became effective on July 1, mandating paid sick leave for most employees. Informed by our Chicago Paid Sick Leave Team’s experiences over the past few months, this session will discuss the requirements of these Ordinances and the top ten ways to avoid liability.

Responding to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
Due in some cases to the stigma and stereotypes surrounding views of substance abuse and mental health issues, employers continue to face hurdles in dealing with their own rights and responsibilities when faced with evidence of employees with substance abuse and mental health issues.  This session will equip employers with appropriate procedures for responding to these issues in order to reduce risks for both employers and employees alike.

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