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Chicago Leave Management Boot Camp & Labor and Employment Law Symposium

Past Details

May 19, 2016
10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Hamburger University
2715 Jorie Blvd
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Registration Fee: Complimentary

Leave Management Boot Camp: Making All the Pieces Fit

Managing accommodation requests and employee leaves of absence continue to vex employers.  FMLA lawsuits and investigations are on the rise, the EEOC is targeting ADA and pregnancy disability cases, and every time you look, another state or municipality has passed another reasonable accommodation or paid sick leave law.  If you are tired of playing “defense,” don’t miss this exciting and though-provoking leave management “boot camp” in which Frank Alvarez, the founder of Jackson Lewis’ Disability, Leave & Health Management Practice, and Jody Mason, a principal in the Chicago office, offer their insights on proactive steps employers must implement now to respond to these new compliance exposures, as well as a nuts-and-bolts guide for managing employees who are either unable to work or who require accommodations to perform their job duties.

Labor and Employment Law Symposium
General Session

Top 10 Immigration Trends in 2016
During the general session our speaker will cover recent trends in immigration law and enforcement, including recent Executive Order litigation, proposed revisions to Form I-9, recent I-9 remediation guidance, the H-1B cap, and key rules of thumb and the tolls necessary to maintain a culture of immigration compliance.

Breakout Sessions

Changes Ahead: Preparing for Revisions to the DOL Overtime Regulations
Learn what your company should be doing to make defensible decisions about exempt status, including what steps your company should take to prepare for the Department of Labor’s potential changes to the regulations governing the “white collar” exemptions. Discussion topics include:

  • When the proposed changes are expected and what they are likely to be
  • Practical strategies to prepare for and respond to the proposed changes

Pay Equity Preparation and Prevention
The gender pay gap is a hot media topic. The EEOC has announced that employer EEO-1s will require pay data starting in 2017. Plaintiffs are making headway in challenging pay practices once considered non-discriminatory. This session will provide insights into the mechanics of the law and practical solutions for your company.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: The New Frontiers of Employment
Workplace protections for employees based on their sexual orientation and gender identity are complex and changing rapidly.  Although legal protections for these demographic categories are still far from uniform, they are appearing in ever-more jurisdictions, and they are sometimes in tension with employers’ existing attitudes and practices.  This session will help employers navigate the legal rights of LGBT employees, including topics such as:

  • Understanding the patchwork of legal protections for LGBT employees and the evolving legal theories underlying them
  • Managing tension between LGBT issues and the religious or political beliefs of other employees
  • Same-sex marriage and what it means for your employee-benefit plans and practices
  • Best practices for transgender employees, including how to handle bathroom use, prevent customer and co-worker harassment, and apply grooming or dress codes

The Right and Wrong Way to Handle a “Hiring Raid” – Whether You’re Hiring or Losing Employees
For many industries “hiring raids” – targeted efforts to poach one or more key employees from a competitor – are part of the normal course of events. Whether your business is on the giving or receiving end of such efforts, there are numerous issues to consider. Are you ready to counsel your business leaders when they say “We just hired people from our competitor, and now our competitor is saying we stole its information, too” or “We just lost people to a competitor, and we think they will use our trade secrets against us”? After this session you will be ready for those questions. Discussion topics include:

  • What you should and shouldn’t do before hiring – or even pursuing – a competitor’s employee with access to confidential information
  • What you should and shouldn’t do after learning that your competitor has hired employees who may have had access to your confidential information
  • What practical steps and legal tools will help you protect against claims from a competitor that you’ve unlawfully poached their employees
  • What practical steps and legal tools will help you combat losing your confidential information to a competitor who has hired your employees
  • What you need to know today about the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act and the Illinois Computer Tampering Act and how they might apply to employee departures – whether you’re hiring or losing those employees

What Happens When the NLRB Finds My New Employee Handbook Illegal?
The NLRB continues to churn out decisions and even new rules on a steady basis which call into question many commonly accepted human resources practices.  What can an employer do to stay on the right side of the law?  What happens if an employer does not come into compliance with recent NLRB rule-making and decisions? In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The latest from the NLRB and courts regarding employee policies
  • Why the NLRB matters to all employers – especially those who do not have a current collective bargaining agreement

*Thank you for your interested in the Chicago Leave Management Boot Camp & Labor and Employment Law Symposium, taking place on May 19 in Oakbrook, IL. Unfortunately, this program is at capacity. To be added to the waiting list, please contact Laura Levitan at 312-803-2509 or