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Employment Claims and the Art of Mediation

Past Event Detail

October 25, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

LexisNexis® presents: Employment Claims and the Art of Mediation

Employment disputes can disrupt business, cost a considerable sum to defend and damage the corporate reputation. They’re no picnic for employees and former employees, either. Often the quickest, most beneficial resolution for all parties involved in employment claims comes through mediation.

This 95-minute CLE-eligible webcast will benefit in-house, private and government attorneys operating in the realm of employment law. Get a 360-degree view from experts who work on multiple sides of these unique disputes—management, in-house, plaintiff and mediator. Learn about:

• Deciding whether or not to mediate.

• Selecting a mediator.

• Pre-mediation preparation.

• Joint opening sessions.

• The numbers.

• Managing the parties and the mediator.

• Non-monetary terms.

• Confidentiality agreements.