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Omaha Office Annual Labor & Employment Conference

Past Details

November 1, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Hilton Omaha
1001 Cass Street
Omaha, NE 68102
Registration Fee: $75.00



Join attorneys from national employment law firm Jackson Lewis P.C. for a full-day of interactive discussions and practical solutions addressing the latest developments in workplace law. This program is designed for corporate counsel, human resources management and professionals, other employment law decision makers, business owners and federal contractors.

Topics include:

Low Hanging Fruit: How to Avoid Being an Easy Litigation Target

After years of litigating employment cases, this program will share some of the “lessons learned” from those cases. Highlights will include what employers can do to eliminate or reduce “low hanging fruit”, i.e. easy pickings for government agencies and lawyers across various types of claims.

Practicing Conscious Inclusion in the Workplace

Minorities, and particularly minority women, are drastically underrepresented at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Companies in the Midwest often struggle to recruit and retain employees with diverse backgrounds. Ruthie White, an African American female equity principal at Jackson Lewis, will provide her perspective on the necessary steps to achieve conscious inclusion in the workplace.

Will You Know It When You See It? Learning to Spot Protected Activity under the National Labor Relations Act

In recent years, the NLRB has been very active in expanding the concept of protected, concerted activity, in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces across the country.  This interactive presentation will examine various examples of employee actions, comments, and social media activity, and whether they constitute protected activity that would restrict your ability to respond to protect your supervisors, your business, your brand, and/or your other employees.

Avoiding the Pitfalls: Common Scenarios That Give HR Professionals Heartburn

In this segment, JL attorneys Chris Hoyme, Jacqueline Langland, and Greg Ramirez will discuss common scenarios that HR departments encounter which may require more complex problem-solving. Common pitfalls in these scenarios involve a heightened risk of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation charges or litigation. The scenarios will include topics concerning medical leave, addressing harassment or discrimination complaints, avoiding retaliation claims, providing accommodations, and handling drug and alcohol use or abuse.

Not Business as Usual: A Demonstration of JL WorkthruIT ®

We will be doing a live demo of Jackson Lewis’s new interactive tool workthruIT ®.  You’ll learn how to access cutting edge, on-demand calculators, checklists, guides, and more, on the labor and employment topics that are most important to Human Resources professionals and in house counsel.  Make faster, more informed decisions with critical information at your fingertips!

It’s Time for your HR Check Up: Workplace Advice for the Healthcare Industry

Speakers Tim Loudon and Catherine Cano will review recent developments in the areas of wage-hour administration, disability and health leave management, and whistleblower retaliation as applied to employers in the healthcare sector.

I-9 and E-verify Compliance: Top Tips in Uncertain Times

The new administration is in full swing, and President Trump’s Executive Orders are a blueprint for enhanced immigration enforcement. In this presentation, Amy Peck will discuss I-9 and E-verify compliance, and how to conduct a comprehensive audit to demonstrate your company’s “good faith”, in order to reduce the chances of financial risk and public relations exposure. Amy will also explore ways to prepare your company and its employees for an unannounced FDNS worksite investigation.

Manufacturing and Industrial Employers – Six Industry Specific Updates in 60 Minutes

This breakout session is tailored to legal issues encountered by manufacturing and industrial employers.   Come learn how recent changes in the law and emerging legal trends are affecting your specific industry.

Paid Time Off, Recouping With a Joint and My Criminal Past is Protected – Righteous… a Growing Patchwork of State Employment Laws in the Midwest

The labor and employment law landscape continues to change at the local level.  Chad Richter will provide an overview of the recent state law and local ordinance changes in the Midwest, a forecast for 2018 and how employers can best position themselves in light of these changes and anticipated changes moving forward. 

Ethics for In-House Counsel

This ethics program, presented in game show format, will focus on those Rules of Professional Conduct that are routinely faced by in-house counsel.  Topics include the no-contact rule, the duty of confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege. 

Managing Unprotected Leave and Benefits: Don’t Pay For Employee Benefits You Thought Were Insured!

Many employers do not realize that when their employees finish their FMLA leave, the employees become automatically ineligible for many of their benefits.  This program will explain the common terms and conditions that plans and insurance policies contain which cause employees on unprotected leaves of absence to lose coverage.  This program will alert employers to circumstances which may cause employers to be liable for health, disability or life insurance benefits that the employers expected to be paid by their insurance carrier.  Join Kathy Barrow and Amy Thompson to learn how to avoid exposure for lost benefits when your employee is off on reasonable accommodation or other leave that is not protected by law.


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