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Pokémon, Pot, and Paid Leave Time – More Challenges For Your HR Team

Past Details

September 14, 2016
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Jackson Lewis P.C.
Park Center Plaza I
6100 Oak Tree Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44131
Registration Fee: $35.00



Join attorneys from the Cleveland office of national employment law firm Jackson Lewis for interactive discussions and practical solutions addressing hot button issues in workplace law.

What You’ll Learn

What effect does the enthusiasm for “Pokémon Go” have on the workplace? More than you may realize. With nearly 100 million downloads and counting, you can be sure some of your employees are playing during working hours, often on company-issued mobile devices. Some of the workplace concerns to be addressed by our speakers include not only wasted time, but privacy, security and safety issues.

We will also discuss the legal landscape regarding medical and decriminalized marijuana use in the workplace, including its impact on employer policies and accommodation obligations. 

Finally, with all the new paid sick leave and paid parenting leave laws spreading in cities and states around the country, in addition to President Obama’s executive order to government contractors, it may be time to review your company policies.  Even if your company already has PTO or paid sick leave, you should be taking steps now to make sure you are in compliance.

This seminar is intended to help employers stay ahead of these issues and prevent litigation before it arises.

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