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Work Your Magic: Legal Compliance for Human Resources and Counsel

Past Details

May 11, 2017
11:30 AM - 4:45 PM
Great American Ball Park
100 Joe Nuxhall Way, Champions Club
Cincinnati, OH 45202



The Cincinnati Office of Jackson Lewis welcomes corporate decision makers with employee-relations responsibilities, human resource executives and professionals, in house counsel, chief executive officers, accounting and financial executives to its annual interactive half-day program discussing new developments and practical actions when confronting employee issues.

Sessions include:
Looking in our Crystal Ball: What We Expect in 2017
What a dramatic 12 months we have had! There have been so many changes announced in employment law, but what will survive? What is still yet to come? We will discuss the current and expected impact of the Trump Administration on workplace law and legal trends.

The Magic of America: Immigration Compliance
One area in flux is immigration. We will spend some time discussing immigration compliance including recent changes to immigration law and I-9 procedures.

Avoiding Trial Nightmares
Jury verdicts seem to grow bigger and bigger each year. An errant email, a poorly drafted discipline, an off-hand comment can quickly turn into multi-million dollar mistakes. A panel of Jackson Lewis lawyers will discuss the lessons learned from the court room and the underlying reasons or management mistakes that resulted in the year’s larger jury verdicts.

Wave Your Magic Wand: Practical Steps You Should Take to Reduce the Risk of Big Ticket Litigation
We will look at practical solutions that in-house counsel and HR teams can utilize to prevent and reduce the risk of big ticket litigation. 

The Poison Apple: Harassment Prevention in 2017
Harassment is making a comeback and has evolved beyond the simple sexual harassment claims of years past. We will discuss the recent guidance from the EEOC on preventing harassment in the workplace, and identify key risk areas and ways to foster a positive work environment in order to help reduce legal risk in the workplace.

There is No Magic to It: Complying with OSHA in Your Workplace
Workplace safety remains a critical component of any employee relations program. As with other agencies, OSHA spent 2016 changing the rules. Whether you are a heavy manufacturing facility or an office environment, OSHA’s rules come into play. We will discuss your ever-changing compliance obligations under OSHA.

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