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Workplace Security: A Primer for Handling Workplace Violence and Cybersecurity Issues

Past Event Detail

February 26, 2016
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM MST
Magnolia Hotel
818 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Registration Fee: $15.00

Strategies for Handling Workplace Violence Concerns
Workplace violence was sadly prevalent in the news in 2015. OSHA also increased its focus on workplace violence last year and is expected to continue to do so in 2016.  This seminar will discuss steps employers can take to address the threat of workplace violence, including:

  • Strategies for preparing for, avoiding, responding to, and managing workplace violence concerns; and
  • Handling OSHA whistleblower investigations alleging retaliation for reporting workplace violence. 

Cybersecurity Primer for Employers and Businesses
Fraud and cyber espionage committed through cyber networks is responsible for an estimated $388 billion in losses annually across the United States.  This program will address how to defend against this growing risk, including the following topics:

  • Common types of cyberattacks;
  • The spectrum of likely perpetrators;
  • How to proactively defend against attacks and how to respond if a data breach occurs;
  • Potential claims against a company following a data breach or cyberattack; and
  • An update regarding federal legislation and regulations regarding cybersecurity.