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The American Labor Movement

Joe Biden recently referred to himself as “the strongest labor president supporters have ever had.” If elected, what could his position mean for employers? Issues including overtime, paid time off and union organizing will likely take an immediate and dramatically different course if there is a change in the White House.

The American Labor Movement


While the National Labor Relations Act has always applied to employees regardless of union representation, the Board's decisions and initiatives during the Obama era broadened and publicized the law’s reach significantly, particularly for non-union workplaces.

The current Board has returned, in many cases, to longstanding precedent predating Obama era decisions. The law will continue to change regardless of who wins on November 3rd. However, a change in the White House will renew policies that will broaden the protections of the laws governing the workplace. Understanding the law is only part of what organizations need; they also need to know how the law is evolving.  Learn more