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Election 2020

Many changes for employers lie ahead no matter who is elected this November. How will your business be impacted? Are you prepared?

Election 2020


From the Ballot Box to the Workplace

It is critical that employers stay informed of the candidates and their positions on areas of workplace law. Our attorneys provide insight and information on the issues that will be directly impacted by the outcome of the 2020 election.

    Workplace Issues: Platform Comparisons

What could the next four years look like for employers? Our platform comparisons outline likely scenarios depending on the election’s winner.

The Future of Immigration

The Trump Administration’s stance on immigration ushered in heightened standards for obtaining immigration benefits, restructuring visa allocations through executive orders and renewed and continued emphasis on enforcement.

The American Labor Movement

Joe Biden recently referred to himself as “the strongest labor president supporters have ever had.” If elected, what could his position mean for employers? Issues including overtime, paid time off and union organizing will likely take an immediate and dramatically different course if there is a change in the White House.

Pay Equity Reforms

Public support for Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement have risen to prominence in recent months, but many advocates say more can and should be done to address disparities in pay. The election outcome will help us predict what type of activity may follow.

Reshaping the Judiciary

The number of judicial appointments under the Trump administration has shifted the ideological balance of the bench, ushering in a cadre of judges with a stronger commitment to conservative jurisprudence than their predecessors.

Politics at Work

In 2020, politics permeates the workplace. The prominence and influence of social justice movements has made political conversations in the workplace more fraught with risk. Employers should anticipate election-related issues regardless of whether their workplace is open, remains virtual or falls somewhere in between.