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Pay Equity Reforms

Public support for Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement has risen to prominence in recent months, but many advocates say more can and should be done to address disparities in pay. What measures will the new administration implement?


Officials elected in 2020 on the federal, state and local levels will continue to focus on policies that address pay equity. Employers not taking preventive measures now face a number of issues and potential pitfalls that can lead to costly litigation and damaging publicity. With a team of experienced attorneys and statisticians, we provide support and defense in the broad range of pay equity issues employers face.

Our “one-stop shop” approach to pay equity compliance allows clients to address all aspects of pay equity with just one firm. We provide employers:

  • Counsel on the design, implementation and administration of pay systems to ensure compliance with federal and state fair pay laws, regulations and pay data reporting requirements;
  • Privileged statistical analyses — by our in-house statisticians and economists — to proactively identify areas of risk and in response to internal complaints, agency enforcement actions and litigation;
  • Defense against systemic pay discrimination claims in EEOC investigations, OFCCP audits, and litigation in federal and state courts; and
  • For publicly traded companies, counsel in the challenging area of activist shareholders demanding “pay equality” and announcements to the public.

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