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Beyond Strict Compliance: Addressing the Needs of Workers with Younger Children in the COVID-19 Era

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August 11, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Before school opens for 2020-21, employers will be faced with their next test:  How do you get parents back to work if their child’s school remains closed, only partially opens, or the parent opts for virtual learning because of fear or medical concerns?  

As the prospects for longer term work from home and school closings grow, anxiety is likewise growing.  It is largely unrealistic to expect the same level of productivity from workers who have their work lives fully integrated with their family lives.  Something has to give.  But how do employers address this dilemma in a non-discriminatory way that does not unfairly shift burdens to older workers, or workers who are single, or do not have children or younger children who demand more of their time?  There are a whole host of issues to consider and no stock answer for what is the best approach.  

Employers of choice need to conquer this challenge if they want to compete over the next year and beyond.

Join us as we discuss the legal requirements and risks surrounding this issue, including:

  • FFCRA/FMLA issues
  • Family responsibility discrimination vs. age discrimination
  • State and local leave requirements
  • Remote work challenges

And the practical considerations, including:

  • Productivity needs
  • Employee morale 
  • Retention (and future recruitment needs)

Although no solution is perfect and there is no one size fits all approach, there are things employers can do to make the honor roll this school year.  We will discuss creative and flexible solutions to this problem, and options to consider.  

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