Cross-Border Remote Work, Authorized and Unauthorized: Europe – L&E Global Webinar

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March 4, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
Registration Fee: Complimentary

In this webinar, a panel will focus on cross-border remote work in Europe, discussing best practices and challenges for companies with employees requesting to work from another country. Issues on work authorization, permanent establishment tax exposure, local social security requirements, cross-border employment law, workplace injury, and security of electronic communications will be discussed. You will learn how to establish a uniform approach to cross-border remote work that  treats employees equitably and protects the company from exposure.

John Sander (Jackson Lewis)

Laura Cinicola (LabLaw, Italy)
Nick Elwell Sutton (Clyde & Co, UK)
Kamila Kopec (Sobczyk & Partners Law Firm, Poland)
Alexander Lorenz (Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law, Germany)
Helena Tapp Barroso (Morais Leitão, Portugal)


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