Mind the Gap: How Institutions of Higher Education Can Avoid Pay Equity Pitfalls

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July 27, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Federal, state, and private initiatives aimed at bringing greater attention to and eliminating the pay gap have produced significant anxiety – and potential legal exposure – amongst employers as they try to respond to this changing landscape.   With increasing attention on diversity and equity at campuses across the country, higher education is not immune to these pressures, even as many institutions have engaged in efforts to close pay gaps.   Colleges and universities face unique challenges around faculty compensation, athletics hiring markets, and, for public institutions, state sunshine laws.  At the same time, poorly designed pay equity plans can lead to allegations of “reverse discrimination” and potential exposure to sizeable damages.  Join us for this program designed specifically for colleges and universities on the risks that accompany the increased focus on pay equity, including means for assessing and quantifying those risks, conducting privileged pay equity analyses, and addressing potential problem areas that may arise from an internal review and pay equity plans.

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