OFCCP Compliance Challenges in a COVID World Episode 3: Refilling Downsized Roles – Avoiding Compliance Risks of Return to Work

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July 21, 2020
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

As the country starts to open back up and states are developing protocols for getting back to work, employers are faced with replenishing previously depleted workforces. Whether impacted by furlough or layoffs, or both, employers are evaluating staffing needs in a changed world, and in some cases a changed organizational structure. Many companies were forced to consolidate or reorganize workforces resulting in reduced or new positions.

Please join us for a quick, 20-minute webinar, as we explore strategies to ensure compliance and reduce risk as employers “return to work” in our new environment.


  • What employees should employers bring back?
  • Are there certain protocols that employers must follow? Or that they should follow?
  • What considerations should employers be mindful of as they reimagine their workforces?
  • What pitfalls should employers be wary of along the way?

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