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The Last, Best Chance to Get it Right: Designing and Implementing Effective Title IX Appeal Procedures


June 16, 2021 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
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Registration Fee: $275.00 per Institution


Appeals are a required and critically important aspect of each school’s Title IX sexual harassment grievance procedures. By offering a final opportunity to review the Title IX team’s investigation and resolution of the allegations in question, appeals help ensure a thorough and fair process, providing a welcome layer of risk mitigation. However, to ensure that appeals are fully compliant, function properly and effectively, and avoid inequity and unnecessary legal risk, each school must design its appeal procedures carefully, and thoughtfully select and train its appellate authorities.

In this webinar, Josh Whitlock will draw on his experience drafting dozens of appeal procedures, training plenty of Title IX appellate officers, frequently serving as an appellate officer himself, and defending appeal-related litigation to address legal and regulatory nuance, practical tips, and promising practices that will help ensure maximum usefulness from your Title IX Sexual Harassment appeal procedures.