We welcome new colleagues and share with them the values that make Jackson Lewis a gratifying place to practice law.



Our attorneys are creative, diverse and highly-talented individuals who thrive in a workplace that fosters mutual respect and cooperation. We share a common belief that practicing law is more than defending a case; it is partnering with clients to facilitate legal compliance and to achieve management objectives. Successful Jackson Lewis attorneys demonstrate creativity, flexibility and passion.

What We Offer

  • Creativity. Clients come to us with problems and expect effective solutions. We look for solutions that meet the clients' objectives while complying with applicable law.
  • Flexibility. Our attorneys manage multiple cases and assignments while working with many different colleagues, clients and deadlines.
  • Passion. Our attorneys share a passion for client service and take ownership of matters.

Attorneys at our firm have extensive opportunities to work directly with and gain the trust of Shareholders, including at the earliest stages in their career. Attorneys at all levels also benefit from our wide range of practice groups led by renowned attorneys, many of whom are also published authors and guest speakers at conferences throughout the United States.

Jackson Lewis frequently sponsors or participates in programs for management or in-house attorneys. Our attorneys are actively involved in such programs, which help to foster relationships with current or potential clients and to develop expertise in specialized workplace law issues. Our associates often help more senior attorneys prepare for presentations and are encouraged to attend events sponsored by the firm.

We also encourage the development of relationships between attorneys in and among all of our offices, including holding retreats where all attorneys and their families can meet face-to-face.

California residents may review our CCPA notice for applicants and employees here.

Diversity at Jackson Lewis

We are proud of our role as a leader in educating and training employers in the laws of equal opportunity and affirmative action. We share our clients’ goals to emphasize diversity, integrity and respect for the contribution of every employee. Jackson Lewis seeks to recruit, hire, retain, develop and advance a diverse team of employees who share our passion for representing management in all aspects of workplace law.

The firm has a standing Diversity Committee divided into sub-committees, both to ensure all vital areas are addressed and to provide leadership opportunities for female and minority attorneys. Our Diversity Committee coordinates the activities of our Resource Groups, which include African-American; Asian-American; Hispanic; women; and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender attorneys. Each of the Attorney Resource Groups meets periodically to discuss business development opportunities, client service initiatives, and other professional issues.

As part of our commitment to diversity, we strive to provide ample resources and opportunities for our attorneys in the following areas:

  • Mentoring. We have formalized retention strategies aimed at supporting our own attorneys in each local office. While mentoring attorneys has always existed on an informal basis within our firm, we developed and implemented a formal program to enhance our development and retention of minority and non-minority attorneys, and assist in ensuring that we maximize their opportunities to succeed once hired. All attorneys have a Principal or senior attorney as their mentor. We also are conducting periodic “roundtable” meetings with our attorneys to give each of them an opportunity to raise issues, ask questions, make suggestions and give feedback on all aspects of their work environment. We believe this is an ideal forum for us to know what non-Principals think of our firm, their supervision and their development as professionals.
  • Work-Life Balance. The firm is cognizant of lifestyle issues our attorneys face and we respond positively to requests for consideration of various flexible work/life balance issues. We have also implemented a part-time policy for attorneys seeking work/life assistance and we have part-time principals. Jackson Lewis was recently rated in the top quartile of outside counsel firms by one of its national clients for hiring, promoting and retaining women and minorities.

Finally, female attorneys hold leadership positions in our firm, including as managing principals (office heads) and members of our Board of Directors.

Summer Clerk and Associates

We strive to provide Summer Clerks with a realistic understanding of what it is like to practice law at Jackson Lewis. Our Summer Clerks are encouraged to assume significant responsibility and are exposed to a broad range of practice areas and professional experiences.

In addition to legal research and writing assignments, Summer Clerks often have the opportunity to attend significant events related to the cases to which they are assigned, such as depositions, court hearings, arbitrations and client meetings. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring Summer Clerks receive feedback on their work product and take time to help Summer Clerks better understand what it takes to be a successful attorney at our firm. In addition, we sponsor cultural outings and other events during the summer which allow Summer Clerks to interact with one another and with Jackson Lewis attorneys in their respective offices.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Jackson Lewis understands that embracing our differences makes us a stronger, better firm. We appreciate the importance of having a workforce that reflects the various communities in which we work and we strive to create an inclusive environment where diverse employees want to work and where they can flourish professionally. In furtherance of our culture, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, marital status or any other characteristics protected by law.

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