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Core Values

Our values guide our decision-making and hold us to the highest standards.


Professional Excellence

Being at the forefront of our fields constantly hones our skills and ensures we provide clients with the most effective solutions.

Positive reviews

Client Service

Delivering the value-added knowledge, support and guidance our clients need with integrity and respect is key.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Embracing people from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences creates an environment where all can thrive.



Collaborating and keeping positive are the foundation of our quality client relationships and long term success.

We Partner with You

At Jackson Lewis, we understand no legal issue can be viewed in isolation. Whether we are counseling clients on compliance strategies or defending a high-stakes lawsuit, we work with clients to devise an approach that fits with the company’s core values and culture. We also believe it is often most effective to meet with clients in person to better understand their particular issues, and our national footprint allows us to literally be where our clients need us most. In addition, our vast subject matter and industry-specific experience give us critical insight into the workplace law challenges our clients face on a daily basis. 

The foundation of our client service philosophy is to build strong relationships. We believe it is important to learn about each client’s particular industry, business and culture, with the goal of becoming an extension of their team.

Client Service Standards

We are committed to providing every client with the highest level of service. 

Understanding Your Needs

We will demonstrate an unmatched understanding of your needs and expectations.

Fostering Diverse Teams

We commit to fostering diverse teams and the creative ideas they generate.

Embracing Communication and Collaboration

We embrace proactive communication and collaboration as a way of life. 

Providing Feedback

We will provide regular opportunities for formal and informal feedback and act upon the results.

Building a Partnership

We will build a true partnership where goals are shared and success is mutual.