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Ouch! The Vaccine—Your Legal and Moral Obligations: Workshop at the Maine HR Virtual Convention


May 12, 2021 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM EST
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Workshop B: Ouch!
The vaccine – your legal and moral obligations.

As we await a more robust deployment of the COVID vaccine, employers and employees alike are pondering the implications for the workplace. You’ll start hearing these lines (if you haven’t already): “I’m only going back to the office when every employee is vaccinated.” “I am fearful that the vaccines aren’t fully tested.” “I have a religious objection to vaccines.” “You have no business discussing my medical condition.” The EEOC has some early guidance appearing to allow for mandatory vaccinations, but what does this mean in reality and are there other ways for employers to further the safety and welfare of their employees? Deb Weiss Ford and David Ciullo join forces in this session to consider the legal and practical considerations raised by this issue.  


  • Consider the EEOC’s recent guidance and how the ADA and Title VII connect to the world of Covid vaccines, the need to guard medical information carefully, reasonable accommodation issues, and any other potential legal exposure nearing your doorstep.
  • Discuss how a vaccine regime can best be rolled out, including how your internal and external communications can help build consensus, and discuss how this issue relates to your organization’s system of values and your moral obligation to community.
  • Use the Covid situation to think about parallel actions you might take to encourage the health and welfare of your employees, for example, your education, incentive, and guidance relative to smoking, obesity, and mental health.  

**Approved for SHRM Credit and HRCI General (HR) Credit.