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Annual Disability and Leave Management Symposium: Leave It to Us


November 01, 2021 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM EST
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CLE Credit: Pending (OH and KY)
HRCI Credit: Pending
SHRM Credit: Pending

Remember the good ol’ days? When all we had to worry about was the ADA, FMLA, PDA and a handful of other alphabetical conglomerates? With Alpha, Delta, Gamma and Mu, it’s all becoming Greek! Unfortunately, due to the current state of COVID-19, we will be socially distant and once again host our Annual Disability & Leave Management Symposium virtually. But don’t worry, whether it’s the delta variant and the steps needed to protect the workplace from it or the change (delta) that we have experienced in our workplaces, we’ve got you covered. Join us for our informative and entertaining two-part series as we try to make sense of the Greek and alphabet soup of issues that continue to haunt you.

Surviving the Delta: Vaccines, Testing and Masks, Oh My!
Unfortunately, it looks like COVID-19 may be here to stay—at least for now. With state mandates and possible federal mandates affecting employer decisions, there are a host of legal minefields to avoid. From vaccines, to tests, to masks, to other return to office issues, we will address the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape and guide you over, across and through the delta impacting everyone.  

Changing Delta: Do We Have to Accommodate That?
Accommodations, accommodations and more accommodations. Many of you have seen more requests in the last year than in your entire lifetime, and they are no longer primarily disability related. Religious accommodation requests are sweeping the nation with some employers seeing thousands of requests. We will address the challenges presented and offer practical solutions for managing these requests.

Beyond the Delta: ADA/FMLA Year in Review
COVID-19 is not the only thing happening, but it is catching employers flatfooted when it comes to other leave and accommodation issues. We can’t hide behind the masks forever and despite the focus on COVID-19, the rest of the law has continued to evolve. We will discuss the other changes and trends that you may have missed this past year that impact how you manage disability and leave issues.  

The firm is an accredited provider of CLE in California, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. We are also accredited providers of HRCI and SHRM.
This program is intended for bona fide members of management. Jackson Lewis reserves the right to limit attendance or deny registration at its discretion.


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