Annual Disability and Leave Management Symposium: Leave it to Us

Past Details

October 5, 2018
8:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST
Cintas Center at Xavier University
1624 Herald Avenue
Schiff Conference and Banquet Center
Cincinnati, OH 45207
Registration Fee: Complimentary



Join attorneys from the Cincinnati office of national employment law firm Jackson Lewis P.C. for a half day of interactive discussions and practical solutions on the latest developments in disability discrimination and leave management law.

What You'll Learn

Trending Topics: Are You In Jeopardy?
There is always something new to discuss, and this year is no exception. Will wellness plans survive? Can you still test for marijuana? Do you have to change a full time position to a part-time position as an accommodation? Can you require employees to disclose the medications they take? Do you have to provide light duty to everyone? We will answer these questions and more as we cover the top trending disability and leave management issues of 2018. 

Mind Over Matter:  How to Handle Employee Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues affect millions of Americans. From the popular Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," to the heart wrenching news of various celebrity suicides, stories of people suffering from mental health issues have  flooded the media. Unfortunately, this is not a new issue for employers. Dealing with the challenges that these conditions create in the workplace can be mind boggling and emotionally draining. Learn how to deal with the employee who threatens suicide, the employee who threatens violence, and the employee who discloses a diagnosis that puts the rest of your workforce on edge.

Real Life: Mastering The Leave Management Game
FMLA and ADA issues present everyday challenging scenarios even for the most experienced leave manager. One false move or misstep can lead to years of litigation and thousands of dollars in fees and expenses, not to mention potential exposure to significant liability. In this session, we will help you make strategic moves and manage the variety of issues that arise during both the leave management and accommodation processes.

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