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Challenging Physician Employment Situations: Part 2 | Challenging Healthcare Industry Concerns

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November 13, 2018
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Disruptive physicians do not need to be the norm in your organization. Today’s culture encourages employees to speak up and address inappropriate conduct as more healthcare providers are standing up to intimidating and disruptive physician behavior (DPB). In July 2008, The Joint Commission issued a Sentinel Event Alert (Issue 40) about DPB noting that, “intimidating and disruptive behaviors can foster medical errors, contribute to poor patient satisfaction and to preventable adverse outcomes, increase the cost of care, and cause qualified clinicians, administrators and mangers to seek new positions in more professional work environments.” Ten years later, DPB remains a concern. The good news for healthcare organizations: there are steps you can and should take today to make culture reset a reality. Now is the time for your organization to control disruptive physician conduct before it controls your organization. This two-part, 30-minute, webinar series will offer quick and practical scenarios and take-aways on how to mitigate employment risk and improve organizational culture when facing challenging situations involving physician behavior.

Part 2 will address solutions for more challenging physician employment concerns such as aging physicians, substance abuse, and what to do when HR and medical staff leadership don’t see eye to eye.