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Jackson Lewis and SecondSight Join Forces to Address Growing Website Tracking Risks

NEW YORK, NY (October 2, 2023) National employment law firm Jackson Lewis P.C. is pleased to announce the creation of a cutting-edge website compliance assessment tool, a result of the firm’s collaboration with leading AI-powered digital risk management firm SecondSight. The assessment is intended to provide clients with a clear understanding of the tracking technologies in use on their websites, the value those trackers currently provide to the client’s organization and how the client can mitigate the risk these technologies can pose.


“Website tracking technologies have garnered frequent attention from the firm and our clients,” said Jason C. Gavejian, co-leader of the firm’s Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity group. “In the last 18 months alone, we’ve seen cases targeting the healthcare, retail, insurance, real estate, tax preparation, aviation and automotive industries. When used without proper care and consideration, these trackers expose organizations to substantial litigation and regulatory risk. This collaboration is a result of Jackson Lewis and SecondSight’s mutual commitments to helping businesses mitigate that risk while remaining competitive in their industries.”


Once engaged by Jackson Lewis, SecondSight will conduct a thorough scan of the client's designated website(s) to identify tracking technologies such as cookies and pixels; concurrently, the firm’s data privacy attorneys perform a review of those websites to pinpoint potential legal compliance risks related to the client’s current privacy disclosures and the website functions they utilize.


Jackson Lewis attorneys then provide the client a concise memorandum summarizing the firm’s high-level legal analysis of the client’s website privacy risks, incorporating the findings from SecondSight's scan and Jackson Lewis' site review, and meet with the client’s team to address any remaining questions and jointly develop a strategic plan to effectively mitigate the identified risks.


“Technology continues to develop at a lightning pace and regulators are quickly aligning legislative measures to address this progress,” said Joseph J. Lazzarotti, founder and co-leader of the firm’s Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity group. “Now, more than ever, organizations also need to be mindful of how their use of website tracking technologies impacts their compliance with the comprehensive privacy laws that have taken or will soon take effect across the U.S., as well as abroad.”  


To schedule your assessment, please connect with the Jackson Lewis attorney with whom you regularly work or any member of our Privacy, Data & Cybersecurity group.


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