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Jackson Lewis Forges Ahead with AI, Machine Learning

WHITE PLAINS, NY (May 15, 2018) Jackson Lewis P.C., which recently announced its partnership with ROSS Intelligence, an artificial intelligence provider and legal research solution, has formed an internal Artificial Intelligence Taskforce consisting of attorney and staff representatives from various practice and industry groups throughout the firm to promote the use of new and disruptive technologies.

A diverse group in terms of roles, practice groups and subject matter expertise, the taskforce is tasked with fostering the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other innovative technologies in ways that complement the firm’s strategic business plan. Working with attorneys and staff, the group will continue to establish the firm’s short and long-term strategy and execution of the firm’s artificial intelligence action plan, taking into account the latest developments in the legal industry and beyond.

"Artificial intelligence is growing at a phenomenal speed, and we are proud to be early adopters,” said Chief Digital Officer Victor Barkalov. “We are operating at a time when AI has a potential impact on almost every aspect of our business, and we realized quickly that we needed a diverse group to assess how to best implement machine learning throughout the firm, while ensuring we are keeping our clients’ best interests in mind."

The taskforce recently recommended and implemented Clocktimizer, a tool designed to review timekeeping data to bring predictability and transparency to legal project management and budgeting.

"Clocktimizer uses natural language processing to read time card narratives and identify the tasks and activities to help our attorneys with matter management, budgeting and pricing. This software will allow the firm to determine how long our attorneys should be spending on various tasks in order to provide price certainty to our clients,” said Chief Financial Officer Joseph Kelley. “I believe this will allow Jackson Lewis to be better partners with our clients not only because of accurate pricing but also by allowing our attorneys to be able to provide real time status updates for all of our matters."

In acknowledgement of the need to incorporate AI into the natural workflow alongside human intelligence, the taskforce also played a role in Jackson Lewis’ burgeoning relationship with Microsoft, with whom the firm is working to expand its capabilities in the area of cloud technologies, particularly regarding mobility, collaboration, and artificial intelligence.

"It’s important that we don’t think about AI in isolation,” added Mr. Barkalov. “This concept aligns with Microsoft’s vision of promoting ‘augmented intelligence’ that helps human beings, rather than replacing them."

“As we have said before, this is just the beginning for our foray into AI,” said Firm Chairman Vincent A. Cino. “We will continue to leverage the technology that is quickly changing the knowledge economy, and apply AI and machine learning in an increasing number of situations that will benefit our clients by enabling us to work more effectively and efficiently on their behalf."


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Vincent A. Cino

Vincent A. Cino
Chairman Emeritus

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