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L&E Global Launches Dedicated Microsite: Coronavirus in a Flash

L&E Global, a worldwide leader for cross-border labour and employment law services, is proud to announce CORONAVIRUS IN A FLASH: the virtual Coronavirus crisis resource centre for employers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. L&E Global’s member firms, are working 24/7 with specialists, government agencies and medical institutions around the world to acquire reliable information about COVID-19, while simultaneously monitoring developments that could have an impact on the operations of employers in various sectors and across borders.

Jackson Lewis is a founding member of L&E Global, an international alliance of law firms which provides counsel to employers on labor relations, employment law, immigration law and employee benefits through 23 international members, which combined have more than 1,500 attorneys across five continents.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, governments worldwide are employing extraordinary new measures in an effort to protect their populations against infection, mitigate business losses, stabilise employment relationships and preserve economic security. Meanwhile, employers everywhere are struggling to respond to the rapidly evolving challenges to their businesses. In the context of this unprecedented threat to the global economy, we are bringing you the latest labour and employment law developments from across the globe, together in one place, our dedicated CORONAVIRUS IN A FLASH. Please bookmark this site in your browser.

Our 1,700+ attorneys worldwide are available to assist companies with their workplace challenges during this extremely difficult period, and we designed our dedicated CORONAVIRUS IN A FLASH microsite in order to help you forge some level of order from the current chaos. For more information on how L&E Global can help you with these and other workplace issues, please contact one of our member firms or our corporate office. We look forward to helping you through these challenging times.

About L&E Global
With more than 1750 legal professionals working from 150+ offices internationally, spanning 6 continents, L&E Global’s member firms are ideally situated to deliver specialised, business-focused advice on labour relations, employment law, immigration law and employee benefits, to clients operating both nationally and across borders, by combining global excellence with profound local knowledge.

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