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About this practice


eDiscovery can be a challenging cost factor in any litigation no matter the size and scope. To manage cost, risk and provide employers with the greatest advantage, the Jackson Lewis dedicated eDiscovery team, JL eDiscovery, has developed practices and processes to address eDiscovery as efficiently as possible. With a particular focus on compliance with legal obligations, local and court specific rules, and keeping a close eye on managing costs and deadlines, JL eDiscovery exercises both thought leadership in the law and hands-on use of new technologies. The team uses a variety of advanced statistical engineering techniques and machine learning algorithms to analyze data based on the specific needs of the matter and the nature of the data to be analyzed.

Led by Principal and Chief Data Officer Tom Barnett, JL eDiscovery has experience with best practices in all aspects of the eDiscovery process, including the use of advanced technologies such as predictive coding to improve the quality of large-scale document reviews and contain costs within proportionate limits. JL eDiscovery assists with all phases of the eDiscovery lifecycle—from data identification, preservation and collection through analysis using advanced machine learning and statistical techniques, document review and production.


JL eDiscovery leverages our relationships with leading vendors to provide clients with competitive pricing and access to the latest software, data processing, hosting, security, forensics, production, and project management services, while maintaining all legal work and review in-house to ensure maintenance of attorney-client privilege. We are able to effectuate significant savings in most medium- and large-size cases through the use of advanced statistical engineering techniques, which allows JL to minimize document review in a proven, effective manner.

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