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workthruIT ®

An award-winning digital solution to workplace law and regulation challenges.

<i>workthruIT</i> ®

How workthruIT ® helps

Today’s employers face an increasing, often onerous, number of laws and regulations that have a direct impact on daily labor and employment decisions. Compliance can be difficult and complex. We created workthruIT ® — an intuitive, self-service application — to help corporate counsel, human resource executives and managers navigate these challenges and make better, faster, more informed decisions.

Leave & Accommodation Suite

Sitting on the Jackson Lewis workthruIT ® platform, the Leave & Accommodation Suite offers employers tools to manage leave and accommodation requests more effectively. Leveraging the power of technology, the Suite provides users access to a database of all major state and local leave laws; template policies, forms and letters; links to ADA and FMLA laws, regulations and guidance; and succinct two to five minute training modules on a wide variety of ADA and FMLA issues. Innovative assessment tools also empower users to streamline and improve internal decision-making processes. Users can “work thru” ongoing leave and accommodation scenarios by building an electronic file through which they can share information and documents with legal counsel preliminary to a request for legal advice. Collectively, these tools allow employers to identify, understand and, most importantly, operationalize leave and accommodation laws more effectively than ever. Learn more.​

Jackson Lewis is honored to be recognized as the “2018 Innovative Law Firm of the Year” by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

Main Functions

Our digital offerings include calculators, checklists, databases, maps and sophisticated assessment tools. They are easy to use and designed to incorporate three main functions:

  1. Targeted Learning

    Educate clients on the legal requirements and considerations that apply in a particular area of employment decision making, such as leave laws, wage hour laws, privacy laws, labor laws, affirmative action laws.
  2. Help

    Help clients gather facts relevant to specific types of employment decisions and the assessment of the legal risk associated with these decisions and other compliance issues. Our tools encompass the nuances of employers’ regulatory and compliance challenges.
  3. Efficient Collaboration

    Enable clients to collaborate with internal and external resources, including counsel, for advice on employment decisions, in an efficient, organized and time-saving manner that may result in cost-savings for the employer.