workthruIT ® Leave & Accommodation Suite

<i>workthruIT</i> ® Leave & Accommodation Suite

What is the Leave & Accommodation Suite?

Sitting on the Jackson Lewis workthruIT ® platform, the Leave & Accommodation Suite offers employers tools to manage leave and accommodation requests more effectively. Leveraging the power of technology, the Suite provides users access to a database of all major state and local leave laws; template policies, forms and letters; links to ADA and FMLA laws, regulations and guidance; and succinct two to five minute training modules on a wide variety of ADA and FMLA issues. Innovative assessment tools also empower users to streamline and improve internal decision-making processes. Users can “work thru” ongoing leave and accommodation scenarios by building an electronic file through which they can share information and documents with legal counsel preliminary to a request for legal advice. Collectively, these tools allow employers to identify, understand and, most importantly, operationalize leave and accommodation laws more effectively than ever.


What's Included?

Leave & Accommodation Suite

Introducing the Leave & Accommodation Suite

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What does it cost?

The Suite is offered through affordable annual subscriptions of $6,000 for employers and $25,000 for third party administrators, insurers, consultants, software providers, or other vendors (we call them non-traditional employers) that provide leave and accommodation services to employers. Subscribers can access the Suite 24 hours a day, and can elect to use online support tools to contact Jackson Lewis attorneys as part of a broader firm engagement. The firm invites non-traditional employers to speak directly with their Jackson Lewis contact, or a Jackson Lewis Disability, Leave and Health Management Practice Group member if they are interested in providing their own clients or insureds access to the Suite.*


*Terms of use apply.

Want to learn more?

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How can I subscribe?

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What is workthruIT®?

workthruIT® is an intuitive, self-service application providing employers access to workplace law, regulations and tools that enables them to make better, faster and more legally compliant employment decisions. workthruIT® empowers both education and collaboration which, in turn, drives more informed, measured, and legally defensible decisions.