About Us

With more than 950 attorneys throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, we have the resources to address every aspect of the employer-employee relationship.

About Us


Focused on labor and employment law since 1958, Jackson Lewis P.C.’s 950+ attorneys located in major cities nationwide consistently identify and respond to new ways workplace law intersects business. We help employers develop proactive strategies, strong policies and business-oriented solutions to cultivate high-functioning workforces that are engaged, stable and diverse, and share our clients' goals to emphasize inclusivity and respect for the contribution of every employee.

We Partner with You

The foundation of our client service philosophy is to build strong relationships. We believe it is important to learn about each client’s particular industry, business and culture, with the goal of becoming an extension of their team.

At Jackson Lewis, we understand no legal issue can be viewed in isolation. Whether we are counseling clients on compliance strategies or defending a high-stakes lawsuit, we work with clients to devise an approach that fits with the company’s core values and culture. We also believe it is often most effective to meet with clients in person to better understand their particular issues, and our national footprint allows us to literally be where our clients need us most. In addition, our vast subject matter and industry-specific experience give us critical insight into the workplace law challenges our clients face on a daily basis. 

Our Approach

We combine extensive local experience and national resources to deliver creative and strategic solutions for employers. In all matters, our goal is to help clients develop proactive strategies and business solutions that reduce workplace law risk.

For more than 60 years, our top priority has been providing the highest level of client service and legal representation, whether that is preventive reviews, responsive advice and counsel, or defending employers in litigation.

  • Preventive Approach: We partner with clients to minimize workplace-related disputes by educating employers on legal trends, judicial developments, and statutory and regulatory compliance.
  • Focus on Client Service: We work with employers to create flexible fee arrangements that best suit our clients’ needs and offer a wide range of value-added programs and services, including local and national programs, webinars, newsletters and legal alerts regarding emerging developments.
  • Local, National and Global Coverage: Our local offices across the U.S. provide representation to employers of all sizes from coast to coast, while our national practice groups ensure all our attorneys throughout the country have easy access to the latest resources in each practice area. Through our International Employment practice and relationship with L&E Global, we assist multinational employers on issues that extend beyond our borders.
  • Legal Solutions that Make Business Sense: We take the time early on in any matter to analyze the legal issues and our client’s business objectives, and then develop a strategy that takes both into account.

Our Culture

We work hard to preserve the values that make Jackson Lewis a gratifying place to practice law. We are a law firm where people know each other and work together to best serve our clients.

Jackson Lewis’ diverse group of attorneys across the country shares a commitment to teamwork, collegiality and client-first solutions—a commitment that is reinforced by firm leadership. As we grow, we want new attorneys to be fully integrated into the firm, to get to know their colleagues, and embrace the firm’s culture and protocols we have installed over the years to ensure that we provide the highest quality legal services.

Mission Statement

We are a preeminent workplace law firm dedicated to our clients and passionate about providing the highest quality, creative and effective representation of employers on the full range of employment and labor law matters, through offices strategically located throughout the country. We provide a rewarding and collegial work environment for the leading attorneys in our field.

Our History

Our commitment to excellence is just as strong today as it was in 1958 when Lou Jackson and Robert Lewis opened our doors in New York City.

A Tribute to Louis Jackson September 3, 1904 - June 11, 1997

Memories of Lou Jackson, Founding Partner of Jackson Lewis

“Jackson Lewis, like all successful enterprises, has endured disappointments along the way. We have had defections and loss of clients, but, by and large, we have maintained our family of staff and clients. In the beginning, we could not find lawyers to fill positions and, later, as our area of law took on greater significance, we had to turn candidates away. For all those who have crossed the threshold of Jackson Lewis, my long-term and newly hired co-workers, I have deep affection. I hold dear the belief that, in all professional and personal endeavors, a torch passed on to successive bearers will remain aglow as long as it is fueled by mutual cooperation, respect, and affection.”

 - Lou Jackson, 1997

For 39 years, Lou provided inspiration, guidance, friendship and good humor. We miss him dearly and cherish his memory forever.

Louis Jackson
September 3, 1904 - June 11, 1997

A Tribute to Robert Lewis January 2, 1924 - February 12, 2012

Bob Lewis Made Life and Labor Law His Passionate Pursuits

Co-founder of the Firm with Louis Jackson in 1958, Bob set the bar high in professionalism, pursuit of knowledge and personal integrity. For those colleagues and clients fortunate enough to have known and worked with Bob before his retirement, there is at least one more “p” to add to those virtues: perfectionism. Bob did not settle for “good enough” … not in the practice of labor law, his passion for learning and exploring, or his personal life as husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Bob’s depth of knowledge and experience in the practice of traditional labor law was rarely matched. As a result, he pushed for perfection in his own work and in that of the many lawyers he mentored over the years. An innovator and cunning strategist, Bob sought ways to serve his clients that pushed the boundaries. He poured all of his acumen into his labor of love, co-authoring Winning NLRB Elections, the gold standard for defining employers’ rights and devising workplace strategies in labor/management relations.

With the undiminished devotion of Bob and his partner Lou to the cause of Jackson Lewis, the Firm has retained the force, stamina, hunger, and dedication to excel in the practice of workplace law and to strive for perfection in our representation of clients of all kinds. This is Bob’s legacy for which we are deeply and humbly grateful. For more on Bob’s life and interests, please visit Legacy.com.

Robert Lewis
January 2, 1924 - February 12, 2012

A Tribute to William Krupman August 14, 1936 - November 6, 2014

Bill Krupman Raised the Bar

Everyone at Jackson Lewis has a Bill Krupman story: sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always straight from the heart. Clients, too, came to know the Bill Krupman “style” of representation, no matter with which attorney or office they work. His insight, intuition, inventiveness, and ingenuity became hallmarks of the firm, like Bill himself. Always smart, to the point, and available to anyone with enough interest and curiosity to ask a question, Bill made friends from California to New York, Michigan to Texas, and everywhere Jackson Lewis represents clients, educates employers, and raises the bar for superior legal services.

“Connect the dots.” One of Bill’s favorite sayings typified his approach to bringing together people and services, businesses and ideas, meetings and plans. Always the reader, always the editor, always the critic, being on the receiving end of Bill’s dreaded “Ugh!” often felt like a reprimand, but the revision was always a lesson and an improvement. Likewise, his toughness on behalf of clients earned them favorable labor relations outcomes, and earned Bill the admiration of his peers and respect of his adversaries.

During Bill’s 48-year tenure – as associate, partner, and Managing Partner from 1975 to 2006, the firm prospered and multiplied in size, talent, quality, and innovation. For all that, and so much more, all of us at Jackson Lewis thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

William A. Krupman
August 14, 1936 - November 6, 2014

A Tribute to Thomas Schnitzler September 11, 1959

Tom Schnitzler, the Consummate Professional and Client Advocate

Tom was hired by founders Louis Jackson and Robert Lewis and joined the firm in its New York City offices on September 11, 1959. From 1964 until 2002, the firm was known as Jackson Lewis Schnitzler & Krupman. In 1982, Tom helped to open the firm's office in White Plains, where he practiced until his retirement in 2003.

Tom occupied a "corner office" at Jackson Lewis in more ways than one. He devoted his legal career to helping clients preserve their management rights. In all labor relations matters, he provided counsel and representation in a professional, ethical, and common sense manner, with a style at once strident yet gentlemanly. His knowledge of the National Labor Relations Act and NLRB decisions was encyclopedic and allowed him to quickly and decisively recite case law to prevail in formal proceedings and many a debate against adversaries.

His partner of more than 30 years Patrick Vaccaro, former chairman of Jackson Lewis, praised Tom as "a fine gentleman, a wonderful lawyer and partner and, most especially, for possessing more common sense than any lawyer I have ever met." Educated at St. John's University in Queens, Tom remained active in educational life in New York City. He served as an advisor, counselor, teacher, friend and member of the Board of Trustees at Monroe College in the Bronx for over 40 years. In 1998 the College honored him by dedicating the Thomas P. Schnitzler Library at its Bronx campus.

Honors & Recognitions