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Has an electronic device (such as a laptop, smartphone or thumb drive) been lost or stolen? Are you locked out of your data because of ransomware? Have company records or data been improperly accessed, discarded or obtained? Has an employee been a victim of a phishing attack requesting tax records? Are your businesses’ email or electronic systems corrupted or under attack?

If you need assistance with a data incident, ransomware attack, or data breach, call us at 844-544-5296 or email us.

How we help our clients

Our team has experienced, data breach response attorneys available to assist organizations that have encountered a data incident, ransomware attack or potential data breach. 

Illustration of a phishing scheme


  • Triage and initial planning
  • Coordinate with cyber insurance
  • Conduct forensic analysis, as needed
  • Communicate with law enforcement agencies
  • Select and manage vendors​
Illustration of a communications plan

Breach Response

  • Quickly navigate federal and state notification mandates
  • Develop a communication plan—affected persons, federal and state agencies, credit reporting agencies, media, business partners
  • Set up mitigation resources—ID theft resolution services, credit monitoring, call center services, etc.​
Illustration of a secure network

After the Breach

  • Implement crisis communications
  • Promote employee discipline
  • Provide litigation support
  • Dispense advice and counsel on limiting risks of future breaches

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