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Are you at risk?

There has been a spike in class action lawsuits alleging that the use of website tracking technologies violates HIPAA and other privacy laws. Regulating website tracking technologies has become a focal point for the Department of Health and Human Services and FTC, as well. Our Website and Digital Tracking Compliance Assessment helps organizations get out ahead of this emerging area of risk. Conducted with the data analytics firm SecondSight, our prescriptive assessment identifies potential risks around an organization’s customer/contact data collection and use techniques and then provides ways to enact proactive, preventative measures.

Websites and apps are increasingly in federal + state regulators’ crosshairs — creating significant sources of potential liability for many organizations.

Seamless assessment

Our four-step process helps clients identify potential risk and enact proactive, preventative measures.

1. Site Scan

Using SecondSight’s leading-edge technology, this thorough scan of your designated site(s) detects all cookies, pixels, and similar tracking tools.

2. Risk Analysis

Our attorneys’ high-level review of your site(s), privacy policies and the scans identifies your legal risks stemming from data privacy laws and other applicable regulatory requirements.

3. Client Report

This concise memo outlines our high-level legal analysis of the compliance risks associated with your website and digital tracking techniques and tools.

4. Action Plan

In this detailed call with your designated team, our attorneys address your questions and formulate a plan to mitigate identified risks.

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