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Our Hotel industry team is comprised of experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing hotel industry employers.

From online accommodation aggregators to artificial intelligence and IoT, technology is transforming the hotel industry. As customer demands and technological enhancements accelerate, hotel companies will be compelled to balance seemingly endless opportunities for growth with unique business challenges. We understand the complex environment in which hotel industry employers operate daily, and strive to help you minimize the impact of workplace disruptions so you can focus on growing your business. We frequently partner with our attorneys who have expertise working with transportation and technology companies to better serve the unique needs of hotel industry employers.

Challenges we help solve

Strategic Planning

  • Creating and implementing effective labor relations strategies for unionized, non-union and future properties
  • Responding to demands for card check/neutrality agreements
  • Evaluating and minimizing joint and single employer exposures in franchise, vendor and other relationships

Buying and Selling Properties

  • Navigating the due diligence process and negotiating labor, employment and benefits sections of purchase/sale agreements
  • Advising on WARN, ERISA (including withdrawal liability associated with multiemployer pension plans), COBRA, local statutes and issues associated with sales, mergers and restructuring

Affirmative Action Plans

  • Developing and implementing affirmative action plans and diversity initiatives as well as OFCCP audit defense and compliance assistance

Managing Employees with Disabilities, Illness and Family/Personal Obligations

  • FMLA, ADA, Workers’ Compensation and state and local sick leave ordinances

Ensuring that Pay Practices Pass Legal Muster

  • Determining exempt vs. non-exempt status and independent contractor vs. employee status, reviewing overtime and gratuity, service charge, tip credit and minimum wage issues


  • Class action, multiple plaintiff and single plaintiff litigation of discrimination, wage and hour and other employment-related disputes
  • Discrimination charges

Management Agreements

  • Draft, negotiate and advise on labor, employment and benefit provisions of management agreements between ownership and management

Responding to Health and Safety Complaints

  • OSHA

Harassment-Free Workplace

  • Management training fostering a harassment-free workplace

Drug Testing

  • Drug testing and substance abuse management

Employee Benefits

  • Employee benefits issues arising in the design, administration and operation of benefit and compensation arrangements


  • Immigration, including obtaining temporary employment and immigrant visas and responding to enforcement initiatives

International Employment Issues

  • International employment issues associated with foreign sales representatives

Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Regulatory compliance services to navigate the various immigration related regulations (Form I-9, Social Security No-Match Letters, the E-Verify system and agency enforcement matters)

Protecting Employers from Unfair Competition

  • Trade secrets, non-competes and workplace technology

Trade Secrets, Non-Competes and Workplace Technology

  • Background checks, workplace searches and investigations; monitoring and surveillance

Day-to-Day Advice

  • From hiring to firing and all the twists and turns in between
  • Policies, procedures, handbooks, forms, etc.


As more states legalize gambling, and online gambling opportunities proliferate, the gaming industry must prepare for enhanced competition with respect to both customers and the talented employees who help create an atmosphere that results in business success. This dynamic will lead businesses operating in the gaming sector to continue to innovate and improve customer experiences as they address complex regulatory and permitting requirements and consumer privacy protections, as well as strategic workforce management issues involving expanding labor and employment laws.

With vast experience representing resort destinations and the gaming industry in all operational aspects, our team not only understands the challenges inherent in managing these evolving environments, but we also have a depth of experience that allows us to partner with businesses to create a workplace where management and all employees have the policies, practices and procedures necessary to ensure the highest quality of customer service. We leverage our legal and industry-specific knowledge to provide effective, efficient business solutions on the entire range of labor and employment, benefits, privacy and immigration issues facing the gaming industry.

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