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Technology has transformed the media industry. The forces at work impact everything from how an organization manages its workforce to how it protects its people, intellectual property and reputation. Succeeding in this uniquely fast-paced market requires ingenuity, business acumen and a dedicated, talented workforce.

Our attorneys combine industry knowledge with an emphasis on compliance and preventive counseling. In this hyper-competitive environment, workplace disputes, defamation and negative publicity can have far-reaching consequences. We counsel media industry employers on the entire range of labor and employment, benefits and immigration-related issues, and provide representation in individual and class action employment litigation. We aim to minimize disruptions, so you can focus on performance.

Services we offer

Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Advising organizations in the entertainment industry on issues created by the #MeToo/#TIMESUP era, including advice and counsel on high-profile sexual harassment matters, multi-employee complaint situations, thorny investigations and pre- and post-litigation dispute management;
  • Providing crisis management counseling, including developing and implementing organizational culture change;
  • Providing labor relations advice and counsel, including representation during union bargaining;
  • Providing representation on contract and compensation matters;
  • Assisting with preventive measures such as company-wide audits to ensure consistent implementation of pay and promotion policies and wage and hour compliance;
  • Providing representation during salary arbitrations, as well as grievance advice and arbitration;
  • Providing advice and counsel regarding freelance and independent contractor relationships, including counsel regarding relationship structures, related agreements and implementation;
  • Defending against individual or class claims of independent contractor misclassification that may threaten the company’s business model;
  • Advising on civil rights and diversity issues;
  • Implementing integrated disability management systems and advising on corporate wellness programs;
  • Advising on the entire range of workplace and customer privacy issues; and
  • Advising on corporate compliance matters, including international issues involving the FCPA and other laws and regulations.

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