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A principal responsibility of federal safety and health agencies is to enforce laws that protect employees. Because of this enforcement mandate, employers routinely face unexpected and intense regulatory scrutiny. Rather than waiting for a sudden visit from OSHA or another agency, employers should proactively monitor and ensure compliance with all applicable safety and health laws. 

In addition to following the law, organizations can benefit from improving workplace safety to satisfy the needs and demands of workers and customers, as an unsafe workplace can be devastating to employee morale and public opinion.

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With experienced Workplace Safety and Health attorneys located strategically throughout the nation, we are well-positioned to serve all of an employer’s needs with respect to safety and health programs and compliance issues. 

Some of the specific services we provide include:

  • Facilitating on-site safety and health audits for compliance with federal and state occupational safety and health requirements;
  • Assisting with the creation and implementation of workplace safety programs and policies, training and enforcement processes;
  • Reviewing compliance with recordkeeping requirements;
  • Handling all aspects of client representation associated with inspections, citations, hearings and other enforcement proceedings;
  • Overseeing workplace environmental testing for asbestos, silica, mold and other airborne contaminants and potentially toxic substances;
  • Assisting in responding to various workplace complaints;
  • Helping clients handle complaints under the multiple laws overseen by OSHA whistleblower investigators and providing advice on how to avoid possible retaliation claims;
  • Providing representation during agency rulemaking proceedings;
  • Providing crisis management and risk reduction counseling, including responding to significant accidents, explosions, fires and chemical releases; and
  • Counseling on federal OSHA and MSHA compliance and advising clients during on-site OSHA and MSHA inspections and enforcement actions, as well as other federal and state agency actions.

When preventive measures are not enough to reduce exposure, we work collaboratively with our clients’ legal teams, as well as medical, scientific and engineering experts and, where necessary, public relations professionals to minimize reputational harm and legal liability. 

Perhaps more than any other area of workplace law and policy, safety is inseparable from employee well-being and productivity.

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